SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER: chocolate & heartbreak, sugar & salt

So the cast for the drama adaptation of the manga SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER (Heartbroken Chocolatier) has been finally announced: Matsumoto Jun as Sota; Ishihara Satomi as Saeko, his senpai and unrequited love; Mizukawa Asami as Kaoruko, his co-worker who likes him; Mizuhara Kiko as Erena, his sex friend; and Mizobata Junpei as Olivier, his half-French colleague and friend.




My thoughts in bullet points (because it’s easier to read that way):

  • Switch: Asami and Satomi. Asami would fit more in the role as the senpai.
  • Not bothered: The “sex scenes” that are much talked about as early as now when they’ve only started filming. It’s part of the plot and Jun is an actor.
  • Brilliant: Casting Kiko as the sex friend considering previous rumors about them. It would ignite the audience’s curiosity and hopefully boosts the ratings of this getsuku drama.
  • Interesting: Casting Asami, previously rumored with Aiba. Bets are up if she will be appearing on VS Arashi for promos.
  • Curious: As this manga is ongoing, who will Sota end up with among the three girls? Please let it be Saeko just coz I like Satomi the most.
  • Happy: Casting Mizobata Junpei (HIGH SCHOOL DEBUT) as Olivier. Double Jun, double fun!
  • Pattern: This is the second role that we see Jun, also Arashi’s resident chef, in the kitchen.




  • Winner: Meiji, which Jun is endorsing. It’s a marketing coup.




  • Wish: It would be perfect if they use Sho’s solo, Sugar & Salt, as the theme. The song’s melancholic, heartbroken tone fits the drama theme. Sugar = Chocolate & Salt = Heartbreak. Sho & Jun. Perfect.

wanna feel your love Kogoeteru
Nukumori wa Dare no mono?
I wanna feel your love Negau namida
Ukande wa kieru And you were mine

– Sugar & Salt (Sakurai Sho/LOVE/2013)

Lyrics & Translation

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10 thoughts on “SHITSUREN CHOCOLATIER: chocolate & heartbreak, sugar & salt

    • Not really a fan of the manga, particularly the lead male character, Sota. But it must be famous to be picked up by Fuji TV for its Getsu-9 slot.

      As to recommending it, only two chapters have been scanlated so far so can’t really say whether it’s worth a read lol


  1. hi there!

    i agree with you. asami would fit the senior role more and satomi as his business partner who encourages him. im hoping he ends up with the business partner…

    anyway im just curious… when was Jun rumored with kiko? i usually follow jun’s rumors but havent heard that one.


  2. My apologies to the actresses in the cast, they’re gorgeous and all, but it’s Matsujun’s chemistry with the chocolate that I really look forward to.


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