just sayin’ #3

Shuukan Josei is at it again. It seems that there’s someone from that magazine who is living in an eight-year-old drama. I really shouldn’t even bother about this but it’s my nature to get it out of my system so here goes the third installment of this corner.

First off, if two people are together and the girl has a close friend since junior high who works in the same industry, shouldn’t the boy know this friend is an actor and not until they are cast together in a drama? And so what if they have the same friends? Believe it or not, the entertainment industry is a small world and they tend to band together. Besides, they have worked together in three projects, an iconic series no less, that it would be shocking if they did not end up as friends. Watching someone’s butai does not mean anything, he watches butai all the time.




And here’s what takes the cake. Yes, the cakes, pun very much intended and meant to be eaten.

You mean, he carried it around at the theater all this time? Doesn’t he have an assistant to do these things for him and have it delivered backstage in advance so you know, they won’t spoil or something? Or is Johnny’s not paying him enough to afford delivery? And what’s with the paper bag? You mean cakes good for 40 people actually fitted in that paper bag? I can just imagine the dialogue. (If only I could draw, this will be better in a cartoon satire.)

J: “Ah, here’s the cakes.”

M: “Yeah, thanks.” Starts to distribute them from the said paper bag.

E: “Wow, you can actually fit that many cakes in that bag? It’s a miracle, J!”

K: “J can produce many cakes from a paper bag enough for a crowd. Just like Jesus!”

E: “J is for Jesus!”

Fangirl1: “And M is for Mary! Awww aren’t they sweet, they really fit together. Jesus and Mary.”

Fangirl2: “Idiot, that makes her his mother.”

Unless of course we mean the other Mary, but let’s not go there.

Just sayin’.

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6 thoughts on “just sayin’ #3

  1. It’s a Harry Potter world inside the paper bag! 😛

    *sighs* really now, they should learn how to write “juicy” gossip columns. They should just visit Philippines and learn a thing or two from gossip columnists here. I’m not much of a gossip column reader nor someone who’s always updated with local entertainment news but I THINK our gossips (and sources) are way better than theirs.

    This is just my opinion though. Hehe~


  2. This makes me laugh- of course they’re not letting this shiz go just yet. It earns them a rabid following from delusional shippers.

    J, please get married already so they’d shut up.


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