Arashi’s FC has 1.49 million members, and I’m not even one of them

So what does this mean for me? It only means that while those 1.49 million fans registered with the official fan club have a chance of winning the lottery for any of their concerts, mine is none. Nil. Nada. Zilch. News zero.

Here’s the fan club membersip  for the various Johnny’s groups:

SMAP: 930,000
KINKI KIDS: 475,000
KANJANI 8: 320,000
V6: 240,000
KIS-MY-FT2: 170,000
HEY SAY JUMP: 160,000
KAT-TUN: 135,000
TOKIO: 110,000
NEWS: 110,000
SEXY ZONE: 60,000


Consider that, there’s more than half a million difference between Arashi and SMAP, which is already an institution in Japan and I’m sure their FC numbers also went more than 1 million at their peak. With Arashi’s LOVE tour and the much anticipated 5×15 celebrations, I am pretty sure the numbers will go even higher. No wonder Arashi is not even thinking of doing a tour overseas because they’ve got their hands full in Japan alone, and if they just do a tour the entire year, what happens to their acting and hosting careers?



(My screengrab from Arashi’s 5×10 tour)

I am not a fan of math that’s why I became a journalist but for the sake of fun, let’s calculate the probability. Let’s consider I’m one of those 1.49 million (granted everyone ballots) and I want to ballot for a concert at Kokuritsu, which has an estimated seating of 70,000.

winning the ballot = 70,000 seats  / 1,490,000 fans

The answer (granted I got my formula correct but don’t trust me since I’m a journalist, not a rocket scientist): 0.04.

That means not even a fraction of a chance to win the lottery so lucky indeed are those fans who do. Yes, winning an Arashi concert ticket is like winning the sweepstakes.

Whether those 1.49 million are all legit fans or some enterprising scalpers who want to take advantage of overseas fans like me, that’s beside the point. Because the point is? Unless Arashi do an Asian tour, I will never stand a chance of watching their concerts in Japan.

I have studied how to be a member of the FC thanks to @VyLeTtE070111. The most important requirement is a Japanese address and email because they would need that to confirm. I could ask one of my Japanese friends to register on my behalf but the trouble that I will subject them to is more than enough for me to decide against it. My friends know Arashi and I’m sure they won’t mind. They’d be amused more than anything else but they have other things to attend to than a friend pestering them to go to the post office to make payments, asking them every now and then if they got the latest Arashi pamphlet in the mail or if they can ballot for the coming tour. Woe is my fangirl life and I’m sure many out there share this story.

So yeah, the point of this post really is… it sucks to be an international fan. But just like Arashi’s latest song, P.A.R.A.D.O.X., it’s complicated to be an Arashi fan but it’s one of life’s simplest joys.

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7 thoughts on “Arashi’s FC has 1.49 million members, and I’m not even one of them

  1. Arashi CDs/DVDs are hard enough to get as it is; I’ve resigned myself to never seeing them live unless a miracle happens. Sigh.

    However, I’m surprised; Eito’s got more registered fans than KAT-TUN? Not just that… Kisumai has more FC members than KAT-TUN?? Somehow that doesn’t add up in my head.


      • E? Can the fan club member be divided or erase? I mean, it’s about Jin ne.
        Someone wrote that not all members are counted, for example Arashi 1.49M, even if not all of them active, the passive or inactive fan is still counted.

        And aren’t they in a You n J fan club? or something like that? I think I remember You n J (a collection of fans gathered together), but forgot who/what groups it consisted of.


      • If inactive fans are still counted, then the numbers are even worse for KAT-TUN ne? But it does make sense that the 1.49 million will include those inactive coz they base it on the ID number. Even then with how Arashi is right now, the 1.49 million is not even a representation of the situation on the ground. Look at you and me and many others out there. They should have an international fan club. Paging Grandpa Johnny!!!


    • my friends told me, k8 is becoming popular this past year. maybe that’s why.
      And Kisumai, well, their sales are higher thatn Kattun not that I car 😛 )


  2. “But just like Arashi’s latest song, P.A.R.A.D.O.X., it’s complicated to be an Arashi fan but it’s one of life’s simplest joys.” <— this exactly. I am so resigned to never seeing them live ever (unless I poll whatever money I have for the next five years or so…maybe not even then!) and this is really sad since I really want to see 5×15! Sucks to be an international fan, I know!


    • Much as it’s tempting to buy a ticket from online, it’s against my principle to be spending money that won’t even go to the jimusho (not that it would make Johnny richer as he already is). So yeah I’m also not confident of ever watching them live esp for 5×15 as I’m sure I’m not the only overseas fan looking forward to that. It really sucks to be an international fan but thank goodness Arashi gives us so much happiness otherwise lol


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