Wu Chun admits… finally.

October started with an admission long coming: Wu Chun finally owns up to his 18-year relationship. I can’t decide whether this is Brunei’s tightly-guarded secret or Bandar Seri Begawan’s open secret. I mean, the place is practically a kampung and to be able to guard this from the pesky paparazzi from Hong Kong and Taiwan–who, by the way, have all descended on the sleepy city at one point or another to get a scoop on Goh Kiat Chun or Wu Chun as we all know–that is something.

I look at the timeline and I couldn’t help feeling like a failure as a journalist. I interviewed him in 2011, at the same time news broke out that his girlfriend has given birth. I was there, in BSB. I had inside information about a girl and a baby and all I needed was a first-hand confirmation. Throughout the interview, I tried to get him to talk. He spoke candidly about dealing with the paparazzi and even said that the baby clothes seen in his house were that of his cousin (or was it sister). I couldn’t ask the question bluntly. He was nice, warm and very hospitable. And though I know that is not reason enough for not being able to do my job and get a scoop, I also did not want to burn my bridges, namely, his childhood friend who arranged the interview for me and who happens to be a colleague. (My behind the story post here.)

Looking back, despite feelings of failure, I don’t really regret it. Over time, especially when it comes to celebrities, I have learned to accept the fact that they will never tell the whole truth, whether you’re Apple Daily or CNN. They’ll tell half-truths, maybe, or they’d lie through their teeth. This is also the reason why interviewing celebrities has lost its appeal for me.

I’m not saying that we should not believe what they say in public or in interviews. But Wu Chun is just a good example on how they will talk if they are ready and on their own terms. See, he made the admission on his blog. Not in a press conference or a sit-down interview. Sometimes the paparazzi dig dirt on them and there’s nothing left for them to do but admit it. But a lot of the time, they invoke their right to privacy. Not that I have a problem with that because it’s anybody’s right, but not when you’re lying about what’s already obvious.

Along with his blog confession, Chun also posted this photo:


love according to wuchun


This must be the definition of love according to Chun’s girlfriend. I cannot even begin to imagine what it must have been like, having a boyfriend since you were 16 and all of a sudden seeing him thrust into the limelight with hordes of screaming fangirls running after him, not to mention those actresses he was rumored to be with. It’s just right for Chun to finally acknowledge her in public, even if her real identity still remains a mystery.

Now that the truth is out, I wish GKC, his girlfriend and their daughter happiness. That wish is most especially for the woman who had stood by him all these years. Wow, such patience and perseverance, indeed.

It took Andy Lau 24 years to come clean, Chun took 18 years. The secret period is getting shorter.

Who’s next in the confession box?

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2 thoughts on “Wu Chun admits… finally.

  1. i realized just now that i’ve been following Chun for a long time now. i know that time when that news surfaced. nways, perhaps the others who had the chance to have a sit-down interview with him felt the same way that you did. i think actors can really keep something a secret if they really wanted to. just like Andy Lau. Chun’s like the complete package. his wife’s a really lucky girl and vice-versa. they both made sacrifices to make their relationship work while one of them try to make it big. i’m happy that finally, Chun no longer need to hide this info from the public.


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