zutto zutto… the music of Yamashita Tatsuro

And with these words: “zutto zutto” and a name that I got from the HIDAMARI NO KANOJO special (good thing I could catch the name even if I can’t understand Nihongo to save my life… wakarenai!), I found the singer and one of the songs in the film’s OST: Yamashita Tatsuro.

Ain’t Internet great.

Yamashita Tatsuro

And this is the song, Zutto Issho sa (Forever Together):



The song was used in the Katori Shingo-Takeuchi Yuko drama, BARA NO NAI HANAYA, as a theme. Sounds like a very sad song, the drama sounds equally sad and the film… well… no spoilers but those who read the novel would know. Fo sho, it’s going to be a heartwarming “fantasy love story”, the kind that Aiba likes, as Matsujun said.

Yamashita also sang Ride on Time, the theme for KimuTaku’s GOOD LUCK.



This has usually been my case. I was introduced to countless of Mandopop, Cantopop, K-pop and J-pop through the dramas and films I watched. At least it widens the music I listen to beyond Arashi or Jay Chou lol.

And the more I watch the teasers on HIDAMARI NO KANOJO, the more that I want to fly to Japan and watch it in the cinema. It reminds me of those charming, small Asian films that I fell in love with when I was just starting as a keen student of Asian pop. Films like IL MARE or TURN LEFT TURN RIGHT.

DamaKano HIDAMARI NO KANOJO, I hope you steal millions of hearts at the boxoffice!!!

And once they release the OST, I’m so there!

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