P.S. to 24HRTV 2013: koete koete…

I meant to write about 24HRTV but life happened so I’m more than a month late. It was also the first time that I watched it almost round the clock, only sleeping when Arashi was not onscreen and nevermind if streaming sucked big time. I even bothered to connect my laptop to HDMI, the better to appreciate the show, okay, the boys, on flat screen. I guess I have no life.

My Japanese aniki-colleague who learned what I was doing had to ask if I understood what I was watching. Of course I didn’t but what’s there to be lost in translation with? Every time they start crying on the screen, I’d start crying too. Even if I did not really understand what they were crying about… okay, some parts of it I did get. Well, tears are universal.

But I do not really want to summarize this year’s 24HRTV experience into tears. Candidly speaking though, I was kind of disappointed that some did reduce the entire 24 hours to Sho’s tears. Because guess what? There were a lot of highlights and a lot of work poured into the endeavour by all five of them, their co-hosts, the other performers, crew and everyone involved. To reduce the big picture into a teary backstage scene is unfair to everyone else. There, I said what I’ve been wanting to say.

All five worked hard, as they always do, whenever they are given something. And it’s obvious how much they have grown up as hosts and how they are able to manage the pressure and the stress that come with such responsibility. I enjoyed Nino’s segment because it lightened the usually heavy theme of the show. Riida’s drama was just so painful to watch but I watched anyway. Aiba’s segment with the disabled boy and the synchronized swimming, and the Japanese soldier who vowed to bring back home the bodies of his comrades, were all very touching. And Sho, he gave his best even if he wasn’t feeling well.

Then there was Jun.

His production last year, to conduct an orchestra from the disaster area, was tough enough to top as it is. (Somebody posted about it here.) Among the five of them, I was wondering what he’d do for this year and I was not disappointed. His production, to tap-dance with deaf kids, was the highlight of the show, with due respect to Oshima-san. The standing ovation at the Budokan at the end of the number is proof enough.

This photoset gives an idea on why Jun’s productions are awesome. He goes the extra mile with the challenge given him such as learning how to play drums, or seeking out Sado Yutaka-san to teach him how to conduct, and learning sign language so he could communicate with the kids. I suppose it’s the Virgo in him that is at work, or perhaps it’s remnants of being the youngest in a group who felt he needed to prove that he’s more than a pretty face who got into the jimusho without an audition. Whatever it is that drives Jun to do his best and comes up with productions like this, I am so proud of him.


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(My screengrabs from Vendy-chan‘s video)

And it’s very fitting that the song Jun chose for the dance resonates with the overall message of 24HRTV: to overcome the odds. The song, originally sung by Yuzu, is called Niji (虹/Rainbow).

A live version:



The chorus of the song says:

Koete… koete

…which means to surpass.

Jun’s message to the kids backstage after the number drives home the point:

“When you encounter difficulties in the future, think of what happened here today at the Budokan, that you were able to surpass.”

Here’s a translation of the chorus:

越えて 越えて 越えて
surpass it, surpass it, surpass it
越えて 越えて 越えて
surpass it, surpass it, surpass it
someday the flowing tears
will change under a ray of light
continuing in the colourful tomorrow

It’s really a beautiful, inspiring song. And what makes it even more apt are the last lines:

雨上がりの空に そっと架かる虹の橋
softly hanging in the skies after the rain, is the rainbow bridge


Rainbows denote hope and for Arashi fans, symbolize the boys themselves. So for Jun to choose Niji encompasses the message of 24HRTV and what Arashi stands for many of us.

It may be late but otsukare and arigatou Arashi for your hard work in this year’s 24HRTV, for giving your time and working hard for a worthy cause. You made us proud again.

Let’s all koete!

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6 thoughts on “P.S. to 24HRTV 2013: koete koete…

  1. Feels like I’m spamming to comment in almost every post.. So sorry for this ^^a

    I almost watched all Arashi 24 hr segment beside Aiba’s part *so sorry Aiba* I can’t do streaming although I really want to do that so I download the part that I think it will be interesting :p

    If I should say, I like Nino’s segment but I really hope to see Nino’s dart journey because I always love seeing Nino interact with people especially grandpa and grandma.. But Nino segment really fun XD like you said, lighten the atmosphere there ^^

    I haven’t watched Ohno’s drama *failed fans* so I can’t comment anything for this one but I watch his drawing segment *_* so cool xD and he seems really having fun with the kids :33

    I watch Sho’s segment with piano and dance koushien, also part of his dart journey.. Like dance koushien part :33 Arashi fooling around and many cool dance there ^^ His dart journey is fun :DD But I don’t really like his piano segment >.< Maybe because I'm too excited and it's not more than what I imagined it to be so…

    Jun's tap dance part is so cool *don't have other words to express myself* His inner self which usually come out in concert is really coming out here ^^ I love his choice of songs too ^^


    • No worries about the long comments! And thanks for taking the trouble to comment, it makes me feel I’m not alone and talking to myself in this blog lol

      Hmm I was actually careful on commenting about Sho’s segment but tbh, I was as disappointed as you. But I suppose the were factors that contributed why it turned out that way. He really did have a tight schedule prior to 24hrtv plus he was not feeling well on that day.

      I also think that each of their personalities come out in the work they do. Like Sho and Nino naturally shine in the talk segments. Aiba with his quirky games and Ohno with the one-liners. Then there’s Jun with his production ideas.


  2. This is a great piece of work. ‘can’t add anymore to what you said. Like I always say, there’s more to Matsujun than meets the eye. He is a true artist and his work attests to his honesty to himself and his art. Bravo!


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