Faye Wong & Li Yapeng: how to announce a divorce

How does one announce a divorce when you’re a celebrity with 16.8 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter? Write a one-liner and end it with a smiley face. All is well. At least that’s what Faye Wong did when she announced that she was separating from her husband of eight years, Li Yapeng.




In English:

“Our fate as husband and wife ends here. I am very well. You take care too.”

This is shocking and big news. Media outlets promptly picked up on the cryptic note, including South China Morning Post.

Li Yapeng later replied to his, now, ex-wife:

“I wanted a family, but you’re destined to be a legend. I will miss the good times we’ve spent together in the last 10 years.”

From his tone, it seems Ms Wong was the one who wanted the divorce. This was Ms Wong’s second marriage; she was previously married to rock star Dou Wei with whom she had a daughter. She also hooked up with Nicholas Tse.

A photo from Sina shows Ms Wong and Li Yapeng going over their divorce papers on Friday afternoon. How calm.



This photo posted by Ms Wong’s friend Carina Lau in her Weibo shows the couple in happier times with their daughter Li Yan, who was born with a harelip that prompted the couple to set up the Smile Angel Foundation.



More photos of the ex-couple from Sina here.

It’s true, indeed, some good things never last.

With all these celebrity divorces happening, some people have asked: do you still believe in love?

Well, if we’re going to base our answer on these entertainers, maybe not. It would seem easy for them to just up and leave when they don’t feel like it anymore, but then that would also be an easy judgment on our part. We never know what they go through in real life.

It’s still sad when a relationship breaks down and it’s even sadder when you have to do it in front of the whole world.

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