MY LUCKY STAR theme song (Wang Lee-hom/Zhang Ziyi film)

Zhang Ziyi, I mean, Sophie is back. And this time, with Wang Lee-hom no less.




MY LUCKY STAR sounds like a typical rom-com. I don’t really mind fluff especially when you have two good looking stars together.

This is some sort of a sequel to SOPHIE’S REVENGE and some of the cast are back including Ruby Lin (I love how she is not too big a star to play support in a film, but hey, this is ZZ and WLH). The original film had Fan Bingbing and Peter Ho in it and it was a snarky fun ride of a movie.

But more than anything, I’m loving the theme song, “Love A Little”. I haven’t listened to Mandopop in a while, or rather, haven’t heard a Mandopop that I actually liked in a long while. I love the strains of violin in the song and I can already imagine WLH playing it in a live.



And what is it with WLH that fellow celebrities just swoon over him? First, there was Jackie Chan who said he is just so perfect. I’ve heard Lea Salonga first hand swooning over him too during an interview with her. And now, Zhang Ziyi joins the WLH Fan Club.

The movie opens September 17.

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