Mandopop royalties Jay Chou & Mayday share the stage

Before J-pop, or rather Arashi, I was so in love with Mandopop. And until now, Jay Chou and Mayday remain my favorites. That’s why I flailed upon reading that Mayday guested at Jay’s Opus 2013 World Tour.




Lucky fans and in fact in the video below, when Mayday (Wu Yue Tian in Chinese) first appeared, they could barely be heard on top of the screams at Taipei Arena.



Jay and Mayday define what Mandopop is today. They’ve been in the industry for over a decade and they create their own music (read: are not merely slaves to their labels) though this is open to argument. And don’t get me started on how Jay’s newer albums sound like a remix of his old ones.

Oh and it seems Jie-lun is finally, slowly, coming clean with his romance. Good for him, and good for the girl. I hope no more taunts and face-offs with Taiwan’s paparazzi because that hasn’t won him any brownie points.

One last note, I hope Jay does not overdo the buffed look. What’s a six-pack if your sunken cheeks make you look like an old man?

As expected, the Jay x Mayday collaboration is fabulous.

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