take that Kato, Lee Hom gets his own Hollywood debut

And not just one Hollywood movie, but two.

Okay, I know it’s inevitable to compare Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom. They’re both Taiwanese superstars, singers, songwriters, actors and directors. I like them both though I have to admit that I like Jay more as a singer/songwriter and Lee Hom as an actor.

And yes, he’s making his Hollywood debut in CYBER, directed by Michael Mann with Chris Hemsworth as the lead; the film also reunites Lee Hom with his LUST, CAUTION co-star, Tang Wei (I ship them, well, casually) though they play siblings here.


leehom cyber


The article linked above mentioned that Lee Hom lost the Kato role in GREEN HORNET to Jay; I didn’t know he was  considered for the role or he auditioned but good things come to those who wait because aside from CYBER, it has been announced by Variety that WLH will play no less than the lead in the adaptation of Stan Lee’s ANNIHILATOR. Yes, take that Kato.

And on top of that, WLH’s movie with Zhang Ziyi, MY LUCKY STAR (some kind of a sequel to Ziyi’s SOPHIE’S REVENGE), will be released later this year.



As a fan of Lee Hom the actor, I’m happy!

WLH used to endorse a milk tea but I’d like to have some GREEN tea, cold please.

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