pandatherapy: welcome to the world ‘my second panda cub’

There’s a baby (or cub of you may) boom in the panda world. It’s around this time that female pandas give birth and the newest panda mama is Yuan Yuan of Taipei Zoo. Her mate is Tuan Tuan and they are gifts from China to Taiwan.

Here are the facts of the newborn cubbie:

Born: 20:05, July 6
Gender: female
Weight: 183.4g
Length: 15.5cm



Isn’t she beautiful?

The cubbie is said to be a strong one. No doubt about it, just hear her squawk in this video of her birth (the last few seconds are just precious).


Panda births aren’t messy, no? But the panda mom is usually weak afterwards and won’t have an appetite.

This is Yuan Yuan clutching her newborn in her mouth.


(Photos’ credit as marked)

The first few days are very critical in a cub’s life and Yuan Yuan, wanting to keep her cub warm, bit more than she should to keep the baby from struggling free. That’s why they had to keep the cub in an incubator while she heals and reports from the zoo say that she’s healing fast and is quite a milk monster.

I love pandas, watching them is so therapeutic. No kidding, whenever I watch them, I find myself marveling at how amazing God is to be able to create these beautiful and gentle animals.

I hope Taipei Zoo would have a live panda cam like San Diezo Zoo so the world can watch this beautiful cub grow up. Just like how the world is watching Wu Wu grow up into the precarious and adorable panda boy that he is.

In the meantime, follow the development of Taipei Zoo’s newborn panda cub through Facebook or through their website.

I’d like a cup of GREEN tea made from bamboo please.

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