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We have our OTPs, people that we hope would date each other; lucky us if they are already dating. Sometimes Most of the time, our OTP hopes come from dramas. But sometimes, a new couple emerges from out of nowhere and it strikes us that, hey, it might work out. Even if they haven’t worked together so we know nothing about their chemistry–and besides, onscreen chemistry may be misleading. Who knows, they’re just good actors making us believe that they can be possible beyond the scripted lines? On the other hand, those couplings we didn’t see coming may surprise us.

That’s what exactly happened when news broke out that Won Bin and Lee Na-young were dating.




I’ve always wondered about Won Bin’s private life because I am nosy that way. There were nasty rumors about him before but because he’s reclusive, people will never know. So when the news came out that he’s dating LNY, I was expecting a denial. In fact, the CEO of their agency denied at first, only to retract later. See, even the people who think they know the truth don’t really.

But I’m not crying over this news, unlike when that news came out that Jo In-sung and what’s-her-name were dating. Well, I didn’t really cry for me but for Song Hye-kyo (in my THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS phase); I didn’t even cry at all. And we get over it. There are many good-looking fishes in the entertainment sea. I do know of some people who may be brokenhearted over Kim Do-jin dating for real.

I like Won Bin. And I like Lee Na-young. Separately. Together… hmm, they’re not bad. In fact, it’s one of those times that it strikes you that… hey, they look good together, don’t they? If only there will be pictures of them together in one place at the same time and not paparazzi photos thrown together.



South Korea really has a lot of celebrity couples that The Korea Herald even made a list. And since I don’t follow Korean entertainment, I only know a handful like Lee Byung-hun and the best friend from BOYS OVER FLOWERS, who apparently was the female lead in ALL ABOUT MY ROMANCE, a drama that didn’t get me past episode 1. Then there’s Jang Dong-gun and his actress-wife; I actually like their love story, having been friends for some time before they started dating. It gives me hope for my ex-OTP, but let’s not go there.

Aside from those on the list, there are other celebrity couplings that were born this year like Rain and Kim Tae-hee and Jo In-sung and what’s-her-name (I’m not hating on her okay; I just can’t be bothered to remember her name). And curiously enough, it’s always Dispatch that outs them and it’s always the same shot… of these people getting in or out of their cars individually. Never together.



See what I mean? The scoop is usually followed by a confirmation by their agency. It’s like a pattern and it makes me wonder about so many things. And it makes me wonder… who’s going to be outed next? Song Seung-hun? Hyun Bin? Lee Min-ho?

Now a confession. I dreamed of becoming a paparazzi. Exactly the kind Jay Chou hates. But a paparazzi only for those people I’m interested in like my ex-OTP. But then, thinking about it now, I shudder to think of the truths that I’d unwittingly uncover and that may not be to my own liking. So no, I don’t want to be a papz anymore and work for, say, Dispatch. But I still enjoy a gossip or two. Next!

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3 thoughts on “outing celebrity couples

  1. I didnt really like korean celeb. But there’s a few of kdrama that I couldn’t forget.
    My most favorite of all time. The 4 main casts were perfect.
    I like My Fair Lady too. Yoon Eun Hye there was like the girl version of Domyoji
    Chae rim is good too.
    Aa, Did Song Hye Kyo and Rain was an item back then or just rumor?

    Did Song Hye Kyo ever did together with Rain? Or just rumor?


  2. LBH and SHK were in the drama All In, though she was in Hotelier with KSW and BYJ. I’m not into gossip(though nowadays it’s hard not to know certain thomgs) and still can’t for the life of me understand why anyone is so interested in others’ lives. If they choose to share we should rejoice, encourage or mourn where appropriate. Guess that makes me boring… Always been hassled for not being nosy enough. Lol.
    Celebrity couples are interesting, but I think it’s rare that anyone is truly “outed” with our knowledge. Most “outings” are definitely staged or purposeful to make it easier for stars to ease into being of the market for fans. It reminds me how grateful I am no one is interested in my personal life enough to make up stories or stalk me to find one.
    Oh and her name is Kim Min-hee. I’m sure you’ll hear(see) it again, but most importantly, she’s an excellent actress. You should check out her work.


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