no drama no life: goodbye and thank you DramaCrazy


So yeah, I just came from because I wanted to see if the new Japanese dramas are already available. I’m curious to check out GEKIRYU – WATASHI WO OBOETE IMASUKA? and prepared to endure the anemic Ryoko Kuninaka (no, my dislike for her doesn’t have anything to do with the rumor that she’s dating Osamu Mukai. No. Really.). And then I got this:

DramaCrazy is shutting down

To Our Loyal Fans:
After a great run, we have decided to shut down DramaCrazy and move on. The drama streaming landscape is ever so changing and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Rather than just shut down without a note, we’ll leave the site up for a few hours while we allow you guys to gather your contacts and stuff on the forums. Much Love, -The Staff

Now, where to get my Asian drama fix?

Okay, I totally get why streaming sites like DramaCrazy are forced to close down. It all boils down to business. I really don’t have any problem with that because money talks. It’s all about business and copyright. However, the main problem is, the drama industry is just so slow in keeping up with the demand!!! They cry copyright and lament the loss of revenues because of streaming sites but they are not taking advantage of the market right there!!!

Sure,they give the rights to those sites like Viki or Dramafever. But these sites do not work in some bloody countries!!! Why can’t there be a Netflix for dramas and for everyone? I am sure many would be willing to pay. I would.

Yes, I am mad if the exclamation points are anything to go by.

Why? Because they want to protect their business but they are not taking advantage of the opportunity!!! And it’s not like this is a new trend that these TV networks and production houses are caught unaware and left scrambling. This has been going on for years, for chrissakes and yet, they have failed to take advantage of it. Why are the industry people being so slow, so shortsighted, so insular and so stubborn? Just as cable TV is now a part of life, so is online streaming. You want to protect your business? Then make us pay for it! Just make sure that the product is delivered on time and the subtitles (because hey, not all of us are polyglots and GTranslate has yet to work on audio recognition) do not suck, unlike the complaints I have heard from some of those paid sites (that yet again are not available where I live).

There are some free streaming sites still hanging around though we are not sure until when they will be there. But they are not DramaCrazy. You know why I loved DramaCrazy? Because its layout was simple and straight-to-the-point unlike these fugly sites that I see. I mean, who would want to navigate a site that looks like the site administrators have not heard of basic website layout or are caught in designs when Bill Gates was probably still in his short pants? I mean, seriously?

Okay, I’m ranting now. And still in shock.

While we’re at it, I would like to thank DramaCrazy and the people behind it for bringing countless days and nights of fun through what it offered, and those selfless subbers who did it for free. You have no idea how much the site was as helpful as a cup of coffee in the morning (even if I don’t drink coffee) or a thesaurus when you’re at a loss for words; you get the idea. No drama, no life.

Arigatou. Xie xie. Kamsahamnida. Thank you.

Ugh, I need something strong. BLACK tea, please!

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13 thoughts on “no drama no life: goodbye and thank you DramaCrazy

  1. i knooooooooooow T____T
    i’m still in shock and can’t believe it yet …..
    i love DC and AC and everyday i open the site to check the latest eps , and now i don’t know what to do 😦
    if you need a strong black tea, i need a strong sleeping pill bcs i can’t survive without my drama/anime dose .


  2. I’m more like a torrent or ddl person so this doesn’t affect me quite much. Even if DC is gone, there are still fansubbers (who are the real key people in bringing us subbed dramas) so people should not be worried.But I do understand if some or most people are sad about this.


  3. i knew it was coming… when mysoju was banned, i was like dc will be the same anytime soon.
    its not that bad dear, youll get over it really fast, anyway, is still up, too, but i preferred gd more than epdrama… i actually preferred gd than dc. XDD

    and there’s tons of illegal mainland chinese with flash uploading dramas power, so i bet there will be english streaming site available soon *wink*


    • Ok, will try GD! someone tweeted to me to try and when I checked it last night, I saw they had WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP. I’ll watch that later! Ja!


  4. I’m really agree with you! I think dramacrazy is the best, is the fastest place I want to download drama. Speedy joe is really perfect T.T
    Any people know why their shutdown? My friend said that they get a new law from Korea? (I hope I right describe it)
    I still hoping they will back soon.


  5. DC doesn’t effect me but knowing subbers personally it was a site I shunned long ago. For, it’s not just about supply and demand, it’s about common decency. Many a great drama discontinued subs due to the practices of that site.
    I do believe there should opportunities for everyone to access via stream and I’m sure that day is coming but it’s always better to do things above board and go with the most legal avenues, ie. download.


  6. I found another streaming site but DC and AC had a community which was really fun. Loved reading comments at the bottom of the videos. They had a wonderful layout as well. T.T


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