THE LAST PRINCESS: Maki or Masami?

Okay, this I need to blog because it’s just hilarious (at least to me and I may have a warped sense of humor).

I have watched the movie, God knows how many times I have come across the movie stills. But for some reason, I have always thought that it was Horikita Maki in THE LAST PRINCESS. This post is proof on what I have believed all along and goodness, the movie was released in 2008!

That is until @justfever commented that wasn’t it Nagasawa Masami who played the princess? Until then, I was too sure that I was even amused at how she said she couldn’t remember Maki in the movie. And I was like, she was the princess!!!

Of course, a check with Mr Google proved me wrong. And I had a good laugh about it, even until now, I am still amused with myself.

I have no idea why all these years I have always thought it was Maki. Don’t they look alike?



No, really?



It must be my eye or something is wrong with me. I swear, while I was watching THE LAST PRINCESS, I was seeing Maki and not Masami.




I mean, it’s not that I am not familiar with Maki and Masami to mistake them one for the other. Perhaps I should ask Nino or Sho if the two ladies look alike? Or Jun? (Sakumotomiya!)

Edit: Adding this link on Asian stars who can be doppelgangers (two Arashi members are in it).

If this were a livejournal, it would say at the end… current mood: amused. Terribly so. Ahhh I need some GREEN tea. Is it good for the eyes too?

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3 thoughts on “THE LAST PRINCESS: Maki or Masami?

  1. Haha, I think you’re fine. When I first watched Hana Kimi, there was confusion galore during the first half of the series because certain camera angles made Ikuta Toma look like Koike Teppei, at least to me. That’s more embarrassing, ne?


  2. Lol! the only things they have in common are that I see them as quite insipid in their acting and that I find them a bit annoying :S but it is me, not them XD

    LOL also at that website with the look-alike…


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