Or should I say, THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS no more… because spring is here complete with Sakura for an almost-satisfying ending!!! Not to say it was a sad ending because it wasn’t, but for someone like me who is a sucker for a road paved with rose petals (though I don’t really mind Sakura), I wanted more than just a chaste kiss, Writer Noh!!!

I skipped episodes 14 and 15 so last week was a winter-less period for me. Oh the agony when I could use some of the winter coolness in this searing summer heat. But I didn’t want to watch any of those angst. I mean, two freaking episodes with all the elements I hate in a Korean drama? Plus a suicide, which thankfully, turned out to be an attempt? No thanks, Writer Noh.

I know WINTER WIND is a “remake” of the Japanese drama and Korean film whose endings were tragic (or so I read) so I should expect something along those lines. But I had faith in Writer Noh, and thankfully, that faith did not go to waste. Except… last three minutes?! Yeah, I know. You have to build the suspense and tension but my goodness, couldn’t they have done that in episode 15 and episode 16 could have focused on life with Oh Young as a seeing person and Oh Soo as a decent person? Writer Noh, how could you just give me freaking three minutes?!

Unless… you’re going to make a drama called THAT SPRING THE SAKURA BLOOMS where we get to witness how the romance between Soo and Young blossoms now that their fates have changed.

Or… THAT SUMMER THE SUN SHINES as a sequel to the SPRING installment, this time, with Soo and Young raising a family… and gambling calling him back again, maybe.

Or… THAT AUTUMN THE LEAVES FALL, which by the sound of it, is another melodrama in the making. Marital problems? Soo goes back to gambling as Young loses her fortune to that ex-fiance, Mr Kim and Jin So-ra retun with a vengeance, Jin-sung is thrown in jail (for a change)… oh wait, what happened to Moo-chul? Must have died as I didn’t see him anymore. This is what happens when you skip episodes but no regrets… so yeah, what about these sequels, Writer Noh?

In the meantime, let me rewatch those last three minutes.



Yes, it was a happy ending. Thank you, drama god.

I will miss you WINTER. And Jo In-sung, and Song Hye-kyo. Date in real life, please?

Spring is perfect for Sakura tea though this post is ranked GREEN.

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3 thoughts on “THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS… no more

    • thank you for reading and commenting! the day JIS and SHK date for real… I’d be a super duper happy fangirl! lol have you heard? they’re releasing a photobook of the drama!


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