look who are back together: Andy & Sammi

Hong Kong onscreen golden couple Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng are back… and in a Johnnie To film: BLIND DETECTIVE.





The trio worked together in NEEDING YOU, LOVE ON A DIET and YESTERDAY ONCE MORE. LOVE ON A DIET and NEEDING YOU were like my Asian Film 101 when I was just starting out in this fascination with the region’s pop culture.

I loved the Andy and Sammi pairing (I still do), though I never shipped them. LOVE ON A DIET is my favorite among their collaborations, it was an adorable and charming film. Fatso and Mini were just lovable characters.


love on a diet


NEEDING YOU is also a classic and was the #1 film at the boxoffice in the year it came out. Andy and Sammi might as well be the ge ge and jie jie of the region’s rom-coms.


needing you


YESTERDAY ONCE MORE was just forgettable, but even more forgettable was MAGIC KITCHEN with Jerry Yan. Those two films are up there with WHAT WOMEN WANT, Andy’s collaboration with Gong Li, which was just an utter waste of opportunity for their first (and maybe last) time to work together. But I digress. In MAGIC KITCHEN, Andy was a mere cameo and it boggles me to this day why such a material was picked for Jerry’s big screen debut.




Andy and Sammi were also in INFERNAL AFFAIRS (1 & 3), though her role as his girlfriend/wife Mary was minor.

So after nine years (!) since YESTERDAY ONCE MORE, the two collaborate again in BLIND DETECTIVE, which does not really need an extensive explanation on what it’s about.




It’s been filming like forever but here’s the teaser (original link courtesy of @TheGoldenRock):


Looks quite macabre to me and not exactly the kind of material I would have hoped to see Andy and Sammi in their reunion film. It would have been nice if they were in the more familiar rom-com territory but perhaps they learned some lessons from the colossal failure of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE. Besides, they’re not exactly young anymore to still be playing besotted lovebirds and might as well leave that to the younger stars. I hope this new film works.




YELLOW tea, anyone?


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3 thoughts on “look who are back together: Andy & Sammi

  1. I recently watched “Fighting for Love”, and I guess I’m hooked. Saw “Needing You” after that. Now I’m looking for Yesterday Once More but the reviews haven’t been so great. This latest collab seems like something that will make up for the last movie’s shortcomings though. 🙂


    • ehhh wha’s Fighting for Love? is that Love on a Diet?

      Yesterday Once More… let’s not even go there hahaha I can’t believe it was a product of the team that gave us LOAD and NY!


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