those never-ending rumors: who’s gay?

There are two types of rumors that people love about celebrities: 1) who they’re dating (or  sleeping with) 2) who’s gay. Sex(uality) sells indeed.

These are some of the Asian celebrities who have been rumored as gay:


"Yes, I'm happy and gay!"

“Yes, I’m happy and gay!”

JO IN-SUNG – since he did FROZEN FLOWER five years ago, rumors about him being gay became even louder. To some extent, that movie has also made him the pin-up boy for many gays.


"Tell me who are spreading those rumors or I'll shoot."

“Tell me who are spreading those rumors or I’ll shoot.”

WON BIN – for the longest time, rumored to be the kept boy of a fashion designer (RIP). He lives a very private life no one even knows who he’s dating.


"Let's settle this once and for all in the ring."

“Let’s settle this once and for all in the ring.”

WANG LEEHOM – the rumors have been around since he debuted almost two decades ago and my Taiwanese friends even gave a name of a businessman linked to him then. Despite rumors with Shu Qi and other women, the rumors persisted and exploded again earlier this year with the Li Yundi-gate. As a result, the two stopped being friends.


Mike: "Who you calling gay, Joe?"Joe: "Me? I'm calling my girlfriend."

Mike: “Who you calling gay, Joe?”
Joe: “Me? I’m calling my girlfriend.”

MIKE HE/JOE CHENG – the so-called Brokeback couple of Taiwan. They started out in the business at the same time under the same agency and were buddies. Then the press decided to take the mickey out of the friendship. At least their friendship survived and they remain buddies to this day.


"Shall I cut my hair then?"

“Shall I cut my hair then?”

JERRY YAN – despite rumors with Lin Chiling and Terri Kwan, some believe he’s gay. Is it because he’s soft? Prefers his hair long or simply because he’s prettier than you?


"Not man enough for you?"

“Not man enough for you?”

TAKESHI KANESHIRO – when you’re too good-looking and little is known about your personal life, like in his case, people right away assume there must be something “different” about your sexual preference. Right, Takeshi?


I’m sure the list is longer than this. Tony Leung Chiu-wai is just among those who have been previously rumored as gay. I have heard of many other gay rumors but really, I don’t care if they’re gay or not because they’re not my boyfriend and neither am I getting married to them (I wish). Do I enjoy talking about who’s gay or not? I must, right, since I make a living out of news? I must admit it amuses me but in one ear, out the other, in the same way that rumors about who’s shacking who go. But those won’t stop me from enjoying the work of these people, supporting them or even shipping them. Am I that shallow? Besides, who knows the truth?

For some reason, Michael Jakcson’s “BAD” comes to mind. Just change “bad” to “gay” and we’ve got the theme song for these rumors.


And the whole world has to
Answer right now
Just to tell you once again,
Who’s bad gay


Anyone wants YELLOW tea?

As Oh Young says…


“Words are so easy.”


Oh Soo true (pun intended).

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