Arashi’s POPCORN DVD crashes CD Japan, LE sold out!

Dear Arashi, do you even know you’re crashing servers?

So this morning I read on Twitter that Arashi will be releasing the DVD of the POPCORN tour on April 24.




I thought, I’ll wait until I get home because I feel more secure using my Mac than the office network when doing online shopping. Mid-afternoon, I read tweets that the pre-order has crashed CD Japan’s website. Damn, I had to go home fast!


Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 6.28.33 PM


First thing I did when I got home was to go into CD Japan’s website and was relieved to find it back to normal. But my relief was short-lived when I saw that only the DVD’s Regular Edition is now available. What the… only a matter of hours and the First Press had already sold out?! Unbelievable. (Edit: Still available, turns out I was looking at the CD and not DVD!) But a fangirl’s gotta do what she gotta do. I went to YesAsia and to my relief found that First Press is still available from the site. Quickly placed my order and so now I can breathe normally and blog. YesAsia, please don’t mess with me, okay?

I learned my lessons from the ARAFES DVD, dilly-dallying that by the time I finally made up my mind, the LE was sold out! So this time, I didn’t want to waste any precious second in clicking that order button! It’s a blessing in disguise though that I got mine through YesAsia because the customs people are like homing pigeons when they see a shipment from Japan. I reckon mine will probably be coming from Hong Kong. I hope they leave it alone and not tax me as if I’m buying a luxury bag.

So anyway, the CD Japan crash need not be expounded further. It is self-explanatory. Arashi, you are awesome!

Some of the highlights that I’m really looking forward to in this concert aside from the usual baka-ness and awesomeness:

  • – the water screens that have been widely reported;
  • – the POPCORN MEN animation;
  • – and okay, the boys in their epic Popcorn costumes.

I also hope they include Aiba-chan’s birthday celebration!

You can still order the Limited Edition from YesAsia and from CD Japan. But hurry!!! (Edit: LE is now sold out in both sites. In just a matter of four hours since I last checked.)

I need GREEN tea to calm my still racing heart. It’s not only expensive being a fangirl, it’s also a health risk.

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