the shipper’s syndrome

Somebody please stop me before I jump on another ship: the MV Jo In-sung-Song Hye-kyo.




Do you have it, like me? How do you know when you’ve been afflicted with the shipper’s syndrome?

Cause: a drama (50% probability), photos (30%) like these and BTS (20%).


– You watch and re-watch your favorite scenes until you memorize the lines, notice every little thing like the way his pupils dilate when he stares at her or the tug in the corner of her lips when she’s not supposed to be smiling. This is the infection stage.

– You search the Internet for interviews, outtakes and behind-the-scenes and watch then re-watch them.

– You download all these videos to your gadget so you can watch them any time.

– Your bedtime literature is anything about your ship. This is called “research”.

– You read blogs and join forums with individuals who are afflicted with the same condition.

– During the day, your mind often wanders and you start wishing that they date in real life. This is the point of no return.


A dose of fan service from the ship, twice a week.

But let’s face it, the cure will only make your condition worse. And once the drama is over, you’d most likely have withdrawal symptoms. And the only thing that can cure that? Another drama to find another ship.

However, saying that, not all virus will cause the flu. Not all onscreen pairings will take the shipper out of me. In fact, JIS-SHK is only my second ship. I like many pairings, I have fun watching them, like Joo Ji-hoon and Yoon Eun-hye, and Roy Qiu and Alice Ke, but it never reached the shipping line.

I don’t know about people who carelessly throw around the term “one true pair” to apply to every bloody onscreen pairing out there. It runs smack of being a “seasonal fan” but perhaps, to a certain extent, I understand the appeal of wanting to jump on the current ship that’s passing the harbor. Whatever floats your boat, honey. For me though, it’s one ship at a time. Let’s see if this ship sails. Anchor’s aweigh!


twtwb soju


I need soju though this post ranks WHITE as winter.


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One thought on “the shipper’s syndrome

  1. Oh yeah… I’ve been known to suffer from this more than a few times (as evidence is there to see on my iPad/iPod/iPhone video libraries). And frankly, as the song goes, “…if there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it!”


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