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(Roy Qiu why you so XXX part 27)

Another ship has sunk to the bottom of the sea of wishful thinking: the Roy Qiu/Tang Yan vessel. In my previous post, “Year of the Sinking Ships”, it was not clear yet whether this Titanic could be saved, following reports that he was seen leaving a drama set with Tia Li. But yesterday, Qiu Ze posted on his Weibo a confirmation that things have come to an end between him and Tiffany (interesting how these stars choose their English names because I don’t think Tiffany suits her but whatever makes her happy, especially now that she needs it).


sinking ship



Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 6.50.13 PM


Translation of Roy’s Weibo post:

Once the ending of a story is not the happy one people see, then on the whole it won’t be a fairy tale. What are the odds of a perfect story? To me, love is not a performance. Forgive me for not being able to make it public. Even if you no longer have any feelings toward those beautiful memories, I will still choose to believe that they existed. As for love, I have not let anyone down. I will humbly accept all derision and criticism. Thank you for your attention and blessings, thank you.

Source: F Yeah! Roy Chiu on tumblr




You gotta hand it to Roy for being poetic even when talking about a break-up and while breaking a girl’s heart because it would seem that the parting was not amicable based on a rant by someone who claimed to be an assistant of Tiffany (okay, can we stick to Tang Yan, please?) and posted this on Weibo:


weibo scandal


The original post has apparently been taken down but trust netizens to save it for, uh, posterity. In that post, the “assistant” blasted Roy for not being man enough to stand up for the relationship out of fear of losing fans. Hohum, this is becoming quite a sad refrain for many entertainers. Love or bread, asked Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in a previous drama. Obviously, many are choosing bread but those who are greedy to choose both opt to keep the love part a secret so as not to lose the bread. Welcome to the farcical entertainment world.




In fairness to Roy, while he did not publicly acknowledge Tang Yan was his girlfriend, he did not make it a total secret either. He openly flirted interacted with her on Weibo and talked about her when asked.

But of course there are two sides to a story and according to this report, the “assistant” claimed that Tang Yan (now, that’s better) suffered a lot for Roy’s sake. While I never liked Tang Yan, I do agree with a comment on that report that she does not deserve to be treated this way especially if it is true that he cheated on her. But what’s even more interesting in the back and forth between the two camps is Roy’s manager hinting that it was Tang Yan herself who leaked the photos taken supposedly when Tang Yan visited Roy in Taiwan on his birthday in October last year.

“In the entire world, only one person should have access to this photo. How could an assistant have posted it on Weibo?”

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?

Not that many are surprised with the turn of events. Not me. For those who are familiar with Roy’s dating history, it’s known that he tends to fall for his co-stars: Rainie Yang (ORIGINAL SCENT OF SUMMER), Qiao En (EASY FORTUNE HAPPY LIFE and THE GIRL IN BLUE) and Tang Yan (WAKING UP LOVE and two other dramas I can’t be bothered to look up). Now, that’s what the public thinks it knows. We don’t know if there were other girls in between.

And with those three ladies, the break-ups were all not pleasant. Rainie once talked about how this one person hurt her so much in the past (with many inclined to believe she was referring to Qiu Ze, but then again, with Rainie Yang’s dating history, who knows too) and how she would wait for his call but he never called and finally once, he sent her a message to meet not knowing that he was going to dump her.




With Qiao En, it ended so badly that they refused to promote THE GIRL IN BLUE together.


rq qe


And now, with Tang Yan, the trend continues. It’s not clear when they broke up: seven months ago (according to Roy, who had a rather strange way of confirming the break-up by saying that he has not seen her in seven months) or three months ago (if she still went to celebrate his birthday with him in Taiwan in October). Which goes to show that the two parties did not talk on what lies to say to the public. But he still greeted her on her birthday in December 2012.


Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 7.26.45 PM


So if they broke up before that, then maybe they were still on friendly terms; after all, he once said that she is his lucky charm. But now, no more, with all the rancor that has been created in just over 24 hours since Roy uploaded his “statement” on Weibo. Confusing ei? I’m glad making sense of the entertainment world is just a hobby for me, otherwise, I’d go crazy.

To be honest, while they were filming OFFICE GIRLS, I was expecting rumors about Roy and Alice Ke, based on his dating history alone. But none came out. Then came MISS ROSE. No talks about him and Megan Lai either. That led me to thinking that perhaps he is really serious with Tang Yan.

And now, here comes Tia Li entering the picture. Not really surprised either. Although she does not strictly fit the demographic of him falling for his leading ladies, she was the scheming witch second lead in OFFICE GIRLS and best friend to the lead in MISS ROSE. Perhaps, if the rumors are true, Qiu Ze had shifted his preference to the starlets second leads.

Or shall we expect new dating rumors between Roy and his co-stars in WINE BEAUTY? Myolie Wu, maybe?

There are lessons here for stars who are dating:

– If you don’t want to run the risk of a photo being made public later, then make sure whose gadget it is you use in taking that photo, and not share it with the other party;

– If you are going to admit to the relationship only once it’s over, then make sure you won’t be eating your words when that happens. Things like “I will never date her/him!”, “There’s nothing between us, we’re just brothers!”, “He/she’s not my type!” and the all-time favorite “We’re just friends, we just get along so well” are potentially embarrassing statements that can haunt you for life as long as the public remembers. (Not that this lesson can be derived from the Roy-Tang Yan affair though.)

– Before you start “dating” or seeing someone else, make sure you come clean on your status with the person who is “rumored” (since no one admits to dating around here anyway) with you.

– Date, by all means, but do not lie, especially when it’s obvious.

So what’s really the truth in this case? Only Qiu Ze knows.


rqw 4


While Roy is having his red wine (his upcoming drama is called WINE BEAUTY), I’d have YELLOW tea, which is also this post’s ranking.

Explanation of this blog’s tea ranking here.



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5 thoughts on “the dating life of Roy Qiu

  1. So sad. ;o; I think I’m going to take your advice in your previous post and stop shipping people irl (at least momentarily, lol).

    I have a hard time believing Roy cheated on Tang Yan, because they did seem to be quite serious with each other (or as serious as you could be without publicly admitting to a relationship), and they were (are?) such good friends. But that could just be the stan in me talking. 😐


    • I know how it feels but one precious lesson I have learned from shipping and the entertainment business in general, things are not what they seem. what we see is the “truth” that they are selling and want us to believe. what happens behind the scenes, only they know. I’m still burned from that experience lol


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  3. Hi! I came upon your post randomly…thanks for writing this. I was a HUGE Roy-Tang Yan shipper and this was one of the worst sinking ships ever…well at least for me…haha. Of course I don’t know…but it seems like his public break-ups are all so bad is cuz he just doesn’t handle it well or maybe just surprised the other party or he’s a cheating scumbag…Haha.

    I heard of the rumors of him and Qiao-en dating, but did not know the break-up was that bad for them not to promote together! Wow!

    I was actually really beginning to like Roy…but the sinking ship, or sunken ship I should say has really soured my taste towards him…*sigh*

    PLEASE don’t let the rumors if him and Tia be true! Although I have a feeling it is 😦


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