YouTube launches ‘Asian Pop’ Channel

Yes, the title says it all: YouTube has launched what it calls the A*Pop channel for your fill of Chinese, Japanese and Korean pop. You can visit the site here.




Among the channel’s upcoming events is “A-Pop Star of the Week”, which obviously features music artist/s each week. Here’s the schedule:


March 8: Shinee
March 9: Wang Lee Hom
March 10: Super Junior
March 11: Kyary PamyuPamyu
March 12: flumpool
March 13: 2PM
March 14: Mayday


They also have a “Top 20” section as well as “New Music”. But before you think that this is a free-for-all channel, meaning you can expect all your C-, J- and K-pop stars here, think again. And you’ll get an idea on which artist you can expect to be featured by checking the “featured channels” that include SM Town, avex, YG, AKB48, HIM and JYP. There are only 10 listed channels. There’s no Sony (though Wang Lee Hom is a Sony artist), no JVR (for the Jay Chou fan… like moi) and more importantly, no J-storm (Arashi). I did notice though that they are featuring artists from unlisted channels so I’m curious on the arrangement they have with the labels.


Also, what about other Asian music like Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Singaporean? (I reckon Hong Kong/Cantopop will be included under “C-pop”.) Aren’t they Asian too? Or will YouTube put up an “Others” section to accommodate those “less popular” genres or sub-culture?


I just hope that this so-called “Asian pop” channel won’t be dominated by one particular pop genre or sub-culture. Otherwise, what’s the point?


I’m in the mood for some matcha though the ranking for this post is YELLOW.


Find out more on the tea ranking here.


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4 thoughts on “YouTube launches ‘Asian Pop’ Channel

  1. So in other words a channel dedicated to K-pop, with maybe if you’re lucky other country artists? Meh I don’t have anything against K-pop, I actually do enjoy some of it, but that’s still leaving a lot~ of other countries out, not to mention isn’t there like a plethora of K-pop already lurking about youtube these days. That and I wish they hadn’t labelled it pop, it would have at least given them the chance to branch out into other genres.


  2. i agree with this so much….i also posted something like this on my wordpress. the entire channel is like…kpop and its backup dancers…theres like 5 videos of snsd on the top 20 char its…pretty ridiculous and unprofessional of youtube…and im saying this as a kpop fan


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