love & happiness according to Roy Qiu

(Roy Qiu why you so hot part 26)

It’s been awhile since I had a Qiu-Ze-why-you-so-hot post. But I guess, this Elle cover merits one:


This dude, even if he’s pretty, still exudes manliness. And I love how he is cerebral, not just all grit, racing and testosterone. After all, he famously dumped a singer-actress who is, uh, to say it in the politically correct way, intellectually challenged.

In the ELLE interview, Roy says:

“The two happiest things in life are immediately being able to eat what you want to eat and immediately being able to see who you want to see.”

He is also the type who lives for the moment (hello, racer), likes to meditate and travel alone. (You can always take me with you, Qiu Ze.)

Best boyfriend material?


This is a Valentine issue so Roy naturally gets asked about love (although even if it’s not a Valentine’s issue, I’m pretty sure he’d still get asked anyway) and he says it’s all up to fate. Not sure if this is a direct quote but he says that “something like love is very hard to schedule into your life. It’s not a drama or movie, it’s not a product, and it can’t be planned.” (Translation from here.)

Watch the video from the photoshoot plus an interview here:

Oh, and he has a chincilla cat? I’m not a cat-lover so I had to look up what it looks like. And it looks like this, so ke ai:

chincillacat Tea rating: Now, excuse me while I download this ELLE issue while sipping on my WHITE TEA with my chincilla cat nestling at my feet. (Edit: Do NOT bother buying the iPad edition of ELLE TAIWAN’S February issue. If you’re buying it for Qiu Ze, that is. Nowhere does he appear in any of those pages filled with pastels and fashion excesses.)


Update: Qiu Ze’s ELLE TAIWAN edition is now available for iPad. They made two editions for the print edition (with Mavis Fan on the cover and Roy inside). In other words, I was cheated out of my money, but I have Roy now so all is well.

[Side note: starting with this post, I’ll use a ranking system using the different types of tea: black, white, green, red. Read the explanation here.)

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3 thoughts on “love & happiness according to Roy Qiu

  1. I guess a standard answer to who is more good looking between Mike or Roy, I think the common answer is Roy. But I guess Roy is more girly than Mike. Not based now, since you know. But Roy is more alert and fresh.

    I don’t know what to say about Roy anymore since everyone else that I know of in this industry, I always linked them back to them. But now, it’s a different thing to me. I don’t know how to see Roy in isolation. I know you are going to hate me for saying these sappy stuff and I’m not helping you and it’s not very positive or what. I’m trying really. Sorry.

    Ekin’s case made me know that. Nevermind his romance with Gigi Leung was the most popular and wished for. In the end the two of them married other people who appeared at the right time where the two wanted to get married. I’m happy that Roy and Rainie were together and it’s perhaps natural for it to fall out. Roy is very frank about his romance with his new girl and best wishes to him. It’s not easy as an male idol to admit who he likes regardless of whether they are together or not. By doing that, he attracts a whole new group of people who are loving him for the right reasons. Like Ethan, their marketing has always gone the long-term basis, good and bad I guess.

    Roy has a mind of his own and I think I do admire him for his interests and passion. People who passion and people who knows what they are doing are most attractive, which is why he gained my respect for quiting the music industry. I look up to him, passion for music does not mean he has to be a singer, since the industry irritates him pretty much. He’s talented in sports, driving, singing and even acting.

    But now, I will never love any other people who are not in my life. anymore.


    • Tang Yan is famous and she’s not really run-of-the-mill since she graduated from that Beijing drama school. but I still wish Roy will end up with someone who’s not from China! lol

      ‘s all…


  2. do you ever post scans of the inside pages of Elle Taiwan – the page that shows the editors, directors, and publishing information? need to develop contacts and this page is invaluable…thanks.


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