MY SASSY GIRL the drama

It was inevitable I suppose. MY SASSY GIRL, one of Korea’s most famous films in the 2000s, is being turned into a drama.



According to this report, there seems to be a trend of bringing stories from the big screen to the small screen. Perhaps scriptwriters are running out of ideas or producers just see a lot of potential with this move. Aside from MY SASSY GIRL, another hit film that was turned into a series is 7TH GRADE CIVIL SERVANT aka MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN AGENT (currently airing).

From small screen to big screen, that I can understand and imagine as an easier task. Compressing an otherwise multi-episode series to a two-hour film is easier than stretching a two-hour film to, say, 16 episodes. In fact, that’s the dilemma of the producers of MY SASSY GIRL because the material, as a film, works perfectly well. But as a drama, it might feel too drawn out. On the other hand, there could be a more elaborate back story on “Sassy Girl” and why she was bizarre and had all these emotional issues that somehow manifested violently by bullying her boyfriend Gyun-woo, through whose POV the story is told. And perhaps they can also reveal Sassy Girl’s name now.

Let’s recall the original MY SASSY GIRL that gave the Asian pop world Jun Ji-hyun:


There are at least four remakes of the film: Hollywood, Chinese (dubbed as MY SASSY GIRL 2) and surprise, surprise, Bollywood. It has even been turned into a Japanese drama. So a Korean drama… why not?

Apparently, news of the drama first came out last year but there has been no announcement on the cast yet. Be updated at the AsianWiki page. The drama is supposed to be shown middle of this year.

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