remember F4? they’ll be back for CNY

So the “big brothers” of Asian boybands will be back for a special Lunar New Year performance to be aired on Jiangsu Satellite TV that reportedly paid them 6 million yuan or roughly US$952,000, or nearly US$1 million.

f4 years later

News of an F4 reunion usually crop up especially around the LNY period that it’s become a cycle. But apparently, this time it’s true. However, the performance is pre-recorded, not live. And the song they’re going to sing? This:

Or if you want the “live” version:

Ahh, isn’t that nostalgic? Watching these videos practically brings me back to a decade ago when I was still a newbie Asian pop culture fan. I “consumed” almost everything on my path from Cantopop to Mandopop as well as Hong Kong movies from the gem to the crappy.

But Meteor Rain is not exactly my F4 favorite song, not that it matters. But I just wonder why they chose to sing this song? Not that they have a thick discography to choose from but the melody of the song is not really suitable for LNY.

Why not this song? So everybody can sing along in the “ooh behbeh-behbeh-behbeh… my behbeh-behbeh” part?

Can’t Lose You was epic, I still remember a sing-alike contest on a noontime show in Manila. It was just both amusing and disconcerting to see contestants wearing thick scarves in a tropical country and mouthing Mandarin that they don’t understand, much more pronounce properly. And of course, the hair! Suddenly, all the guys were wearing long hair as if they were going to audition for a shampoo commercial.

Or this, I like At The First Place, though it’s not one of their more famous songs.

Obviously, F4 can’t sing Qing Fei De Yi because it’s Harlem Yu’s, and not theirs. But they did sing it in a concert in Indonesia back then:

It has to be said that F4 is better at live than SMAP. Even Jerry sings better than Nakai-san.

Ahhh this entry is making me want to watch Meteor Garden again. Or maybe, 10 years after, I will finally have the guts to watch Meteor Garden 2 and who knows, maybe even like it.

The last time they performed together was in 2008. I found this fan account of that concert in Osaka (and some BTS photos of them). They disbanded shortly after.

Now, back to the LNY “reunion”.

It would have been better if they’d appear live but I guess they have places to go on LNY. I wonder though who got the bulk of the 6 million yuan because I doubt that they are paid the same. (Of course those with flops to their name would be getting least. Oops, that’s all of them apparently.) Someone also said 6 million yuan is such a pittance it can’t be true.

P.S. Maybe they should perform this song instead, Waiting For You.

Coz isn’t it true that their fans have been waiting for them to come together again onstage?

Read more details about the reunion from @JayneStars.

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