Arashi’s FIGHT SONG is ‘very deep’

So said Ken Mogi, Japan’s famed brain scientist. And when someone, who studies qualia says so, it must mean something. Yatta, baka boys!

arashi yatta

The lyrics to FIGHT SONG was written by Arashi themselves and music by Nino. Click HERE for the Romaji, Kanji and English lyrics.

My favorite lines would be:

まだやれる その先の夢(さき)

It’s okay to cry sometimes
It’s okay to show your weaknesses
But don’t stagnate there!
You can still achieve it
The dreams (that lie) ahead

I’ve said this many times but I’m going to say it again. That’s what I like about Arashi’s music. It’s life affirming and very positive. And you can feel the vibe even if at first you don’t understand the words. Their songs just pass a positive energy to you and how many fans out there have thanked their songs for accompanying them through ups and downs in life?

Here’s Arashi singing the song live in a 2007 concert:

Don’t be deceived by the melody or the baka-ness with which they always sing this song. Maybe what Ken Mogi meant when he said it’s “very deep” is the effect it has between your brain and mind, or the qualia sotospeak. The song registers as a happy melody in your brain and fires up to your mind as an anthem about surging ahead to achieve your dreams, nevermind the odds. You can also march to it. You’re welcome.

If you want to learn more about this schmuck who finds the song “very deep”, visit his blog or add him as friend on Facebook. Or follow him on Twitter, you can ask him about other things too. Oh and he’s apparently a good friend of the former Japanese premier Yukio Hatoyama. I wonder what sort of neuron manifestation is that?

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5 thoughts on “Arashi’s FIGHT SONG is ‘very deep’

  1. One of my life’s motto came from this song.

    “People are people
    You are yourself
    You lose once you start comparing”

    Reading behind the lines of this super upbeat song lies a very positive message for everyone to know. This song has been on my top 5 favorite song as soon as I learned it’s lyrics 😀


    • FIGHT SONG is actually very Arashi.
      it’s always been widely discussed how the group is so tight and their friendship and chemistry so natural. the more I watch them, the more I admire how, despite the differences in their personalities, they get along so well. and I think it’s because they respect and give one another space. Infighting is common among idol groups because they compete. Arashi members can be competitive (just look at Bet de Arashi) but their rivalry outside of their variety shows is more positive in the sense that they learn from one another and they are inspired to work hard just watching their fellow members in their individual work. they may say, for example, they wanted to play Domyoji (in Sho’s case) but they don’t say it out of envy. they are happy for the success of one another, and that I think is one of the factors why they are solid. besides, they fully understand that a member takes Arashi with him outside of the group so Sho’s success as a newscaster or Nino’s Hollywood outing, to cite a few examples, is also the success of the whole group. they also know and fully understand their roles in the group. it’s so obvious how they tolerate one another, not for the sake of presenting a good public image but because they really understand one another. it comes from having grown up together and went through many ups and downs that shaped the way they handle their fame now. oh… I could talk about Arashi all day! lol


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