Jay Chou, is this what midlife crisis is like?

I am a Jay Chou fan. I love his music, nevermind if for the last few albums, his songs sounded the same. I watched his films although I only liked SECRET. I even went to watch a concert or two and enjoyed the experience. I am a fan, yes. But I have never been the kind of fan who’d follow blindly.

Thus this post because of late, Jay’s perplexing behavior has been worrisome.

Firs, he fights with paparazzi, which is nothing new really since he’s always had a love-hate relationship with them from a long time ago. But the constant taunting on his part and the face-to-face provocations are something else. It is not surprising that the Taiwan media has swooped down on him, judging from the negative press his new film has been getting (labor, environment problems more than the usual romantic scandals).

And then, this.

The photos are from his upcoming album to be released on 12.12.12.

I get it that artists need to reinvent themselves to stay in the limelight. But methinks the kind of reinvention Jay needs is in his output–be it music or films. Not in his looks. Okay, he may not be the best looking artist around but people loved him for his talent than for his looks. He is not Show Luo who needs to kiss-ass his fans, literally do cartwheels, invent scandals and try (in vain because pigs are, well, pigs) to look like a heartthrob in order to sell his work. Jay is far more talented than that. But this recent “experiment” only brings him down to the level of less-talented artists who need to resort to the shock factor to get attention.

Jay seemingly thinks he can do no wrong. He’s been Taiwan’s golden-haired boy (and this time, he really took it literally) for a long time. He’s been surrounded by enablers who let him get away with diva attitude (like do you have the right to call him by his first name?) and his mother, who has been his moral compass, is more busy traipsing around with her son’s teenage girlfriend (I wonder what they talk about? Make-up? The latest fashion? I won’t be surprised, thinking about Ye Hui Mei’s recent fashion choices).

Seriously, watching Jay these days is like witnessing a career meltdown. Or a very public midlife crisis.

Jay, just stop, and be your old self again. You know, the dude who didn’t care if he looked good or have a six-pack, and just created good music? The one who wrote songs for his mother and grandmother, about the old rural life and simple love? Who may have fought with the papz but only when provoked and did not seek out fights with them? The dude who may be arrogant but still adorable because he tried to laugh at himself? Yes, that Jay. Bring him back, please. Who needs a blonde Jay with abs that look like a body costume anyway? And for chrissakes, you’re not a Korean boy band! You’re a a 33-year-old Taiwanese supestar! Please start acting like one.

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5 thoughts on “Jay Chou, is this what midlife crisis is like?

  1. Ohhhhh dear… I can’t decide if I want to laugh or just facepalm.

    The most unfortunate thing about Jay’s “mid-life crisis” (great way to describe it, btw, lol) is that he’s one of the most recognizable C-pop artists overseas, or at least in America, and before I would have been fine with that, but this is a little embarrassing. >_<


    • he needs someone to bonk his head so he’d come to his senses. I hope he does not lose the respect he earned from those years of toiling coz of a blonde hair, a six-pack and this photo. a friend was bothered by the body hair below the belly button lol


  2. If he do everything as same as the past, I’m sure someone else will ask him ” Why you did samething all the time?,Are you loose your creativeness? or Why you do stupid shit the same same same…notthing anymore.?


  3. I’m quite shock seeing the picture.. What the hell is he thinking? Dyed his hair.. Showing off his abs *and the body hair 🙂 lol* Is he depressed?

    I do love Jay and most of his work.. but honestly, I don’t like some of his recent album and his attitude lately..
    I do want him back to his old self again too.. 🙂


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