what?! no K-pop stars in Kohaku?!

(Warning: this is a blunt post; not for K-pop fans.)

So NHK has announced the line-up for this year’s Kohaku. And gasp, no Korean pop stars!

Well… so what?

I get it for fans, that it’s a tragedy not to see their K-pop idols on the show. I get it for the media, that they have to lead with the snub to make the news more “scandalous”.

But seriously, what’s the big fuss?

In the first place, Kohaku is a Japanese show for television. It airs on NHK, the state-funded network. In other words, if it isn’t getting through thick-minded skulls yet, it’s a business riding on the back of Japanese taxpayers.

So enough with Koreans (or non-Koreans for that matter) raising a ruckus because their popstars were uninvited. Who started this recent wave of nationalist fervor over those rocks anyway? It was the lameduck Korean president, hoping to gain political points by visiting those islands. The same president who invited the Japanese emperor for a visit then later said that before his invited guest makes that visit, he should apologize first for war crimes. What a host. And these people expect the Japanese to turn the other cheek by inviting Korean stars to THEIR show? It is NHK’s prerogative who to invite. Now stop acting like lowly gatecrashers denied entry to the party.

For the list of guests in English, click here.

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