VS Arashi’s fashion icon

I obviously love watching Arashi’s TV shows; it’s as if I am watching five bums who were given a job to look baka on television, and hey, it’s fun. Others have a kinder description on watching Arashi shows: it’s like eavesdropping on a bunch of friends while they do their thing on TV.

But of all the TV shows they have, I especially enjoy VS Arashi. One thing is because I don’t need English subtitles to understand what’s going on, though of course it would help especially if I want to get the humor of the situation. But another reason is, I always have fun looking out for Nino’s, er, costumes.

This was last week:

A close-up of the curious incident of the bear:

Matsumiya having fun with the costume:

Of course, when it was time to play Jungle Bingo, he had to tuck it in so it won’t hamper his movement.

It seems stylists love Neen the most because he gets the most attention-getting, hilarious costumes. This is “normal” for them:

So apparently, Neen gets the “suit” that’s available.

There was a time he wore this printed suit (not the one above) that Aiba described as like his grandmother’s curtains or furniture or something.

On the day that Takeuchi Yuko came as guest, he dressed up like he was going on a date, with flowers to boot (she is his crush).

I swear, that was one of the most hilarious episodes ever and the brat really hammed it up for the cameras.

He was also king of hearts in one episode:

Neen’s costumes are always a topic starter on the show. I bet the stylists always have fun planning what he’s going to wear. And the brat complains but wears them anyway.

If you haven’t watched an Arashi show, try it. These guys are not your regular factory-issued idols. They’re hella funny too.

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