Psy-chotic coverage

Who’s tired of all these stories about Korean rapper Psy? Oh, it’s only me? My my, as they say on Downton Abbey.

I handle a Korean newspaper at work and every day, I have to read the contents of that paper and see if there are interesting stories for our news service. Since Psy became K-pop’s latest toast of the town, thanks to his catchy Gangnam Style, I read an average of two Psy stories a day from a single paper.

Psy video reaches XXX hits. Psy teaches Britney how to horseback. Psy promises to take off shirt. Psy continues to languish on #2 in music charts. Psy performs before massive crowd. Psy charms this. Psy does that. Psy eats this. Psy pukes that. You get the picture.


I suspect Korean media organizations have even put up a Psy desk or assigned a reporter to the Psy beat. Who knows they even have a Psy section already. Seriously, it’s psychotic.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy for the guy and his success. My beef is how Korean media is covering the story. I don’t have a problem with having one Psy story from one newspaper a day but two, three, four… or even five freaking stories from a single publication? Why don’t they just rename the paper as The Psy Herald or The Psy Times or The Psy Post?!

True, hit the iron while it’s still hot. And given the public’s fickle minds, a month or two and Psy will be history. But wait… there is still TIME 100! If they were able to do it with Rain, why not with Psy?

And while they’re at it, let’s rope in UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to endorse him for the, uh, prestigious, uh, list (just ask Rain fans).


I did make a snarky comment on the photo above that learning the Gangnam Style is important to the UN. But I have to say props to BKM for being game and stopping while he was still ahead. Also for Psy for reading the atmosphere.

Watch the video:

Psy seems to be a nice bloke and no one can really blame him for taking advantage of this career high. And more than anyone else, I’m sure he knows his time in the limelight will be up soon.

I doubt it though if Korean media will be there to cover the Gangnam wave till the end, until it subsides and becomes history. By then, there will be another Korean star whose world domination they need to report on and be the subject of their psychotic attention.

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3 thoughts on “Psy-chotic coverage

  1. Lol I totally feel the same way, it’s not just Korean media then. They air his music video religiously here, at first it was nice, but like you said overkill.


  2. Reblogged this on My Korean and commented:
    i personally can’t take anymore of Psy. it’s really great for him but waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much for me! 😛 i’m also afraid that such a success on 1 song might “kill” him. will he be able to go international again with such a strong impression. i am afraid for him that people will want other “gangnam style songs” instead of his music. before it was only my korean friends, now it is pretty much anyone i come across on the street, on TV. he’s every where. people wanna make the dance for Halloween, people wanna make the zillion dance cover/flashmob/parody… i think i’m ODing! please save me!!!


  3. Hahaha this made me laugh. Totally true! But yeah, he seems to be a nice guy, and he deserves the success he’s achieved. 🙂


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