selling the drama: king & queen of Instagram

(This is part of a series on how companies or individuals “sell the drama”)

Not really a blind item but this couple’s relationship has been reported to be on the rocks lately. The dude is from a famous all-male group that paved the way for Taiwanese stars to break into the region more than a decade ago. The girl is forgettable in her attempts to be an actress and known for her cam-whoring, well, just like anyone on the Web these days.

Some of their ambiguous postings on Instagram further fueled recent speculations that they’re on the brink of a break-up.

Here are two of them:

Here’s another and another.

I rolled my eyes when I heard that they have “broken up” again. Why is their timing always off, just when the dude has a new project in the can? I can’t help but be suspicious and jaded.

These two people have always been an interesting study for me. Though I give props to the fact that he is the type who won’t allow the business to get in the way of his personal life, particularly his choice of girlfriend, I find their coyness laughable. And I do have an issue over people who use their religion and literally wear it on their sleeves but live hedonistic lives. There’s nothing wrong rolling on your money and material things if you have it but don’t flaunt it at the same time you flaunt your being a Christian. The two just don’t add up.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if I hear they are back again. Just get married already! Even the Taiwan media did not pick up on your latest “drama”. They must have smelled a lemon or it just does not sell anymore.

For more of the drama, click his and hers.

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