Arashi’s POPCORN airplane

Dear all so-called “STARS” and “IDOLS”,

You ain’t a star nor an idol until you have your face on a plane, your country’s flag carrier at that. Like this.

And performing to SROs? Does not count unless it is PAID, not free concerts. Don’t even get me started on capacity. Unless it’s Kokuritsu or bigger, does not count either.

‘s all.

(Context of this post is because my eyes are tired from all that rolling every time I read an “update” on an idol’s “world domination” journey. Unless people PAY to see you and BUY  your albums, it means NOTHING.)

(Please DO NOT lift content of this entry in part or in full and post them in other websites without the owner’s permission.)

Copyright © 2012. theasianpopculturist. All rights reserved.

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