It was another Korean movie, My Girlfriend is an Agent, that led me to Runway Cop. All because of Kang Ji-hwan.

In my need for more KJH goodness, I looked through his previous works and decided on Lie To Me as a follow-up. Only to be distracted and annoyed by a Yoon Eun-hye whose acting never changes. Consistent is putting it nicely though I wouldn’t say lack of acting depth because she has had good projects.

But I digress. Good thing @Greenteacheese from Twitter recommended Runway Cop. It being a film was a plus point because I do not want to invest days marathoning on a worthless drama just to get my dose of KJH until I move on to the next flavor of the season. So Runway Cop it was.

The plot sounded hilarious and I wanted the hilarious KJH and not the drama king one, as apparently he had heavy drama projects before this. Hilarious or not, he took the role of a cop with weight issues seriously by gaining 10 kilos (that he eventually had to lose in the course of filming).

I haven’t watched Zoolander but it somehow reminded me of that and KJH of Ben Stiller. Many of the scenes were gross but fun. I haven’t laughed at a movie as I did at Runway Cop, in a long time. It’s the kind of film that would make you shake your head because it’s just so campy but it would still make you LOL anyway.

Then of course, since this film is about a cop who infiltrates a fashion show, there will be models. One of them is Lee Soo-hyuk.

But that’s for another blog.

Anyway, though his role as the clumsy rookie detective Lee Jae-joon in My Girlfriend is an Agent and the pudgy Detective Cha in Runway Cop have similarities, KJH was able to give a distinctive take on each. Ommo, do I sound like a fan? But seriously, YEH should have taken notes from him on how to tackle roles cut from the same cloth but turn them into separate fashion.

KJH is also not scared to look un-idol-like and I have a feeling, while watching the really gross and hilarious parts of the film, that he was actually having fun as Detective Cha. Sung Yu-ri was not bad and she reminds me of Japanese actress Kiritani Mirei. KJH and Yu-ri have chemistry but I’m not about to watch their Hong Gil-dong, The Hero. Famous last words, maybe?

If you need to release stress and just laugh at shallow stuff for over an hour, Runway Cop is a good way of doing it. Two of the most hilarious scenes involve drugs, cars and guns. No to violence, of course.


I wonder if there will be a sequel/s or this is going to be a franchise? That last scene gave so much promise. Who knows we’ll see a Hospital Cop, Movie Cop, Legal Cop, CEO Cop… you get the picture.

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One thought on “movie: RUNWAY COP

  1. Im actually a movie buff from hollywood movies mostly but lately korean movies have been shown in the Philippines with local translation of our lingo and I was amazed how the stories flow goes. Yes, actors and actresses have their own frustrations about the movie they act on but I do believe that credits goes to the WRITER and the SCRIPT of the story. A good writer plus a good producer and of course talented actors and actresses. plus supportive crew makes one hell of a movie! I cant blame Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan about the fatal storyline of Lie to Me but acting wise they were REALLY good on their chose craft. Kodus for them! I am beginning to love & appreciate korean movie and tele dramas. I think they are great! I love the country…KOREA! I just dont understand korean laughs….so i have to look for english subs to be able to comprehend the story. Anyway goodluck to your blogs. Its nice sharing thoughts about this..God Bless!


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