Matsujun + baby/ies = ♥♥♥

Sumimasen, I just have to post this. Because as the title goes: Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun + babies = l♥ve. Or maybe, dead fangirls. Dead from too much flailing over the kawaiiness.

These photos are from tumblr so thanks to those fangirls who have the mind and the energy to do these instead of just flailing in front of the computer screen like… me?

Here’s the making and a look into the CM from a Japanese morning show:

How can Arashi’s resident DoS look so comfortable with kids? But we all know how he has a soft spot for kids and would stop for them at their concerts. In their old show Mago Mago, he loved teasing some while there were times he found himself on the flipside with the kids taking the mickey out of him while he sat there taking it all in with a grin (while the rest of Arashi would cheer at how the DoS would get his comeuppance).

As @yzahbelle said on Twitter, it’s a genius marketing idea. Wonder by how much Goo.n’s sales would spike on the back of a dude who’s not even a father yet?

And will there actually be fangirls who will go out and buy the diapers just because? Or that is Arashi’s demographic now, young mommies?

Come to think of it, if Arashi do a “Five Dorks and A Baby” project, will there still be fangirls breathing in their wake?

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6 thoughts on “Matsujun + baby/ies = ♥♥♥

  1. that CM always melts my heart, they’re just so beautiful <333
    anyway, YES to the “Five Dorks and A Baby *and even Babies” project. *though I can't imagine what will be happening with the fangirls then XD


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