movie: BrokenHearts

It was going to be a three-hour flight from Jakarta to Bangkok and I wasn’t sleepy. After previewing trailers, I settled for the Indonesian film BrokenHearts. This is my first Indonesian film and naturally, I was looking forward to it.

It turned out to be a train wreck I couldn’t look away from. I wanted to throw up my entire lunch (it didn’t help that the Garuda flight was bumpy and gave me a headache) as the sappy love story unfolded onscreen. But I was bored, trapped in a cramped plane and sleep eluded me.

The story goes like this:

Boy saves Girl from rain with an umbrella.

They fall in love.

Boy and Girl have sappy moments, make sappier promises and plan to get married.

Boy disappears without a word.

Girl looks for him.

Six months pass and no word.

Friends start telling Girl to move on.

Girl meets Boy2.

Boy2 woos Girl.

Girl eventually falls for Boy2.

They have sappy moments too.

Then the twist is revealed: Boy and Boy2 are best friends.

Shall I go on???

Boy has anorexia and does not have long to live so this is why he disappears from Girl’s life and asks Boy2 to “watch” over her.

Boy2 agrees because he owes Boy his life; his parents died when he was young and Boy’s family adopted him.

Boy2 starts to really fall genuinely in love with Girl.

Boy becomes increasingly jealous of Boy2 and Girl, and starts behaving like her stalker (and I thought he was terminally ill, still have time to stalk and worry about other people?).

Boy asks Boy2 to break up with Girl.

By this time, I am talking back to the screen saying “IDIOT!!!! YOU SELFISH IDIOT!!!! FUCK OFF!!! I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE SICK! JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!”

And because he is an idiot too, Boy2 breaks up with Girl.

Girl is heartbroken (now, I GET the title. Like totally).

Boy’s condition becomes worse.

Boy2 decides to tell Girl the truth.

But on The Day of The Great Reveal, Boy escapes from the hospital to go to their childhood place so Boy2 fails to let her know the connection between him and Boy.

I screamed my thoughts in my head because the guy across the aisle was giving me funny glances: OH YOU’RE NOT ONLY A SELFISH IDIOT, YOU’RE A MANIPULATIVE ASSHOLE AS WELL MAKING YOUR BEST FRIEND FEEL GUILTY!!!! DIE ALREADY!!!

Of course he does not die…

Boy2 chases after Boy to their hometown.

Boy2 meets a car accident.

Guess who dies instead?

Girl receives a call from Boy; she is shocked to finally hear from him.

“Accident”? That’s all we hear from her. And next scene…

Girl is at the cemetery dressed and weeping like a mourning widow.

Boy’s mother arrives and meets Girl.

Boy’s mother takes Girl to where her son is, still sick but ALIVE.

Boy explains what happened and asks for forgiveness.

“With the beautiful memories behind me, I need to face the future…” Girl says.

Movie ends.

And that was two hours of my life I couldn’t take back, though I am responsible for allowing the movie to trap me.

Seriously, they still make movies like this? And I thought I have seen enough of stuff like this on Korean TV dramas.

Definitely not recommending this film.

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5 thoughts on “movie: BrokenHearts

  1. hi there, i’ve been your regular reader since few weeks ago :), and this is my 1st comment. I’m arashi fan from Indonesia 🙂 (guess my last sentence explain everything XD)
    i was surprised when i see the a post about indonesian movie in your blog, after reading it, i laughed :), the “Boy” is my fav indonesian actor. his name is Reza Rahardian, if you wanna check his other movies, i’ll be really happy telling you about it 🙂
    i’m sorry that your 1st indonesian movie is not as good as your expected, hope you will not stop trying. Indonesian had many good movies.

    FYI, i dont want watch Brokenheart even it has Reza Rahardian in it 🙂


    • thanks for commenting and nice to meet you! yorushiku!
      perhaps I was just in the wrong mood when I watched the film, it was during a flight from Jakarta to Bangkok (I think).
      can you recommend some Indonesian films? fun and fluffy preferably, haha! thanks!


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