Gangnam Style is up your a$$ for K-pop

I guess it’s obvious that I’m no fan of K-pop. Been there, been that and glad I escaped before the wave swallowed me whole. And I ain’t hating on K-pop without trying it first. But it just does not float my boat anymore.

Not even Gangnam Style, but hey, it’s not really K-pop in its generic form. And Psy (who I mistakenly called Pee-ess-why in front of a K-pop friend who of course laughed her heart out at me) is not your usual K-pop idol with the sleek image and perfect face (thanks to plastic surgery). And that’s what makes the success of Gangnam Style so un-K-pop.

But without trying so hard, Psy and his Gangnam Style has scaled the heights that other K-pop artists could dream of. From appearances on American TV shows, red carpets, meetings with American icons and a contract with Justin Bieber’s agency, Psy has achieved what others tried and are still trying to reach, employing all the butt shakes and long-legged kicks they could muster in the process.

In short, Psy–your not-so-typical Korean idol, with his pudgy looks and a crime record to boot–has given everyone else in the Korean pop industry the finger. The Associated Press makes sense of the appeal of Psy and Gangnam Style, and its social commentary on Korean culture. You’ll never get that kind of analysis from songs about taxis, and being single, sexy and free.

Way to go Pee-ess-why!

Oh, and if you want to have a Gangnam Style shirt… click here.

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