drama: goodbye, gentlemen

Or should I say: good riddance, gentlemen? Said gentlemen being… them:

But then, there were fun and watchable moments in A Gentleman’s Dignity so it wasn’t really that bad. I especially enjoyed the bromance, especially when it became obvious that the actors have woven into their roles and were more comfortable with one another. My favorite characters as I mentioned in a previous post were the naughty playboy Lee Jung-rok and his rich, bitchy wife Park Min-sook.

I thought Jang Dong-gun’s acting was uninspired and cringe-worthy most of the time. He looked tired too except in episode 19 where he looked like he just came from his skin doctor’s clinic but then, he was back to his tired look in the final episode.

Don’t even get me started with Kim Ha-neul. Her characterization was so inconsistent and she acted like she was suffering from epilepsy in those scenes that I suppose were meant to be “cute”. Well, they weren’t.

The last episode was meant to tie the loose ends but you just don’t get the feeling this was the finale. It was anti-climatic. But then, fine. We all want an ending that makes us relax instead of sitting on the edge of our seats not knowing whether it’s going to be a happy ending. Suffice to say, the ending was satisfying. But that Bollywood-inspired proposal? I wanted to hide under the table.

Don’t get me wrong. I love ensemble dramas and films. But this one gave me the feeling of being utterly contrived. Okay, dramas are meant to be contrived because scriptwriters have to cook up story arcs leading to a plot point. But AGD just takes the cake. It was too contrived it ended up looking like a joke, especially in those scenes with the four couples in episode 19. Everything looked so choreographed it became like a high school musical than a drama about a certain demographic.

But then, who am I to argue with the ratings? It supposedly left its competitor eating dust. Besides, didn’t I watch from start to finish? So it must have been entertaining enough for me to invest five months of my life or I just don’t have a life.

At least Lee Jong-hyun was there to remind us all that these gentlemen were young once and must have looked equally adorable. Plus the soundtrack was nice. Download it from here.

Watch the drama here.

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