the mask of a celebrity

I never really understood the penchant of celebrities to wear face masks when they go out thinking they’re going to blend with the crowd and not be recognized.

Okay, I get it. In countries like Taiwan, even the slightest cold would prompt the wearing of a face mask. I was there once suffering from sniffles and imagine how I froze in the MRT when there was a public announcement encouraging everyone with colds (it was winter) to wear face masks “in consideration” of the other passengers. I had to mightily prevent myself from revealing any sign I had colds.

Colds aside, it’s obvious that celebrities have used this convenient tactic to disguise themselves when they go out. Large sunglasses and baseball caps are no longer de rigueur although they are still used. In my interview with him, Wu Chun said he once went out in Shanghai wearing a cap and a mask and and walked briskly so in case he gets recognized, it would be difficult to catch up with him.

But then, with the public more alert now to the habits of celebrities, alarm bells would usually come ringing when they spot someone wearing a mask in a crowded place. And most likely than not, it will be a celebrity.

Well, if not the face mask or the all-too-common cap and sunglasses, what would we suggest celebrities do to disguise themselves so they won’t be recognized in public?

  • No make-up. Most of them look different anyway without it.
  • Eyeglasses. Pair up the no-make-up look with it.
  • Wigs. I’m sure some of them are doing this.
  • Mole. Isn’t this commonly used in movies to “alter” someone’s look?

Or better still, don’t go out at all.

Oh but what a sad life that would be.

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