Roy Qiu why you so hot is back with a drama!

(Roy Qiu…why you so hot part 25)

So it seems this why-you-so-hot series will be resurrected because Qiu Ze is back with a new drama, Miss Rose, his follow-up to the highly successful Office Girls.

I checked the synopsis but couldn’t find much on the Internet, only this. I’m sure the rest are in Chinese and there’s a confusion because lists it as Miss Screw. The story sounds so like Office Girls and the setting is corporate once more, but this time, Roy plays the boss and not the boss-in-disguise. It should be fun but even if it’s going to be boring, who can resist when he looks like this?

Hell yeah, I’m so there.

This page on tumblr is also a very helpful resource on Roy. And I just read now that no one has taken up Miss Rose for subbing yet. I have faith in the subbing community though and I hope someone picks it up. Or maybe there’s not much buzz for the new drama? I only heard about it from a friend last week because I was wondering what Roy Qiu who you so hot was up to. And I was pleasantly surprised his drama is airing soon, in fact, tonight on TTV (Taiwan). Same time slot as Office Girls.

It remains to be seen how Roy will be with Megan Lai onscreen, but then no one knew he could have chemistry with Alice Ke anyway. And ugh, Tia Li is in this drama but for a change, she seems to be playing a nice girl. I hope her tepid acting has gained some strength. And yeah, Paul Hsu, who played Roy’s best friend in Office Girls, is here too.

To be honest, I was hoping for an Office Girls 2 but I guess that would just be wishful thinking for now.

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