in love with a song: 國境之南

I’ve had this song playing in my head for days now.

It’s called 國境之南 or South of the Border, one of the songs in Cape No. 7. The film’s OST is one of the best I have ever heard, not to mention that the movie is really very charming.

I recorded Fan Yi Chen, or Van Fan, singing this song with his Craze bandmate, Alex, when they came to Bangkok for a concert. They went to our studio to guest on one of the shows and sang this live. The studio was in a hush and I felt emotional listening to the song.

Unfortunately, the files from that time were among the casualties of The External Drive Rewrite Incident. Everytime I remember it, or look for files only to realize they were among those deleted, I want to kill the person responsible for it.

Which makes me want to sing this line to mourn the deletion of the file:

如果有些想念 遺忘在某個長假
If there are some longing memories; Left behind, forgotten, on a long leave…

The full lyrics of “South of the Border” can be found here and the rest of the songs here.

I interviewed Van Fan a couple of years ago in Taipei. I blogged about it here. My entry when they did their concert in Bangkok here. Thanks to a “public peeing incident”, his star was not dusted to be an idol but he’s got one of the most powerful voices in the Taiwan music industry. If he went on to become an idol, I doubt if Cape No. 7 would have come his way. So sometimes, fate works out differently, but rightly.

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