dear fantards… love, Anthony Wong

I have always loved Anthony Wong.

Not only is he a good actor but he’s also irreverent, which is very rare in the entertainment industry where they will fake you to the seventh heaven just to fill their rice bowls.

And I loved Anthony Wong even more when he asked:

“Who’s Show Luo?”

Of course this is old news. For footnote purposes, read all about the war between Anthony and the little pig’s fantards fans here, here and here.

Today, Anthony said:

“Recently, people have been asking me why I say I have no fans. 1) I’m an actor. Actors need audiences, not fans. Audiences will buy movie tickets. Fans just like you and won’t necessarily buy a ticket. The worse ones will watch pirated copies. 2) Look at some of those crazy, idiotic fans. I’m done for if I have fans like that. How can I not be scared? That’s why I have no fans.”

(Taken from @TheGoldenRock)

As a fan, I have my biases naturally but I don’t have the stomach to engage in fan wars. Those rabid fans are scary, the type who would bristle even with just the littlest thing and before you know it, they have dragged you down to their level. Little do they realize that however way they behave reflects not only on them but on their so-called idols. But sometimes I wonder, is it the case of “like idols, like fans”?

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