‘if you want to smoke, please step out of the aircraft’

Travelers often see the de rigueur safety instructions at the beginning of the flight. I don’t even listen to it especially when I’m too sleepy on a flight and promptly fall asleep as long as I buckle on my seat.

But this video below on an AirAsia flight is not your regular bored steward spewing instructions from a handbook. I wish though that the FA doing the demonstration won’t have that regular bored look, but hey, his straight face makes it more fun as opposed to the one reading the instructions.

(LISTEN and just don’t watch the video. SWITCH ON THE VOLUME! But if you don’t have a sense of humor, then that’s not my problem.)

I hope the next time I get on a flight, I’d encounter something like this.

And I hope this makes you laugh as it made me LOL.

Copyright © 2012. theasianpopculturist. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “‘if you want to smoke, please step out of the aircraft’

  1. As an ex-airline worker I did not see anything special in this video. It is very normal to show to passengers these procedures in addition to the video. Nothing to laugh!!!


  2. hahaha! cute & funny. I too don’t even bother to listen to the safety instructions, nice way to get the passengers attention. And yes, it won’t hurt if the FA doing the demonstration didn’t look so bored, LOL!

    Speaking of flights, wish I was on board a plane right now, going to somewhere that’s cold… the North Pole?!? hehehe… I need a break from the scorching heat in Manila. Summer may be more fun in the Philippines but this weather is just soooo hot!

    Hello girl! How are you? Hope your doing great! God bless… :))))


    • hello my dear!!! hao jiu bu jian!!!
      sometimes too, I’m kinda embarrassed staring at the FA doing the demonstration.
      hot weather — tell me about it!!! it’s so hot in Bangkok too I can already imagine my electricity bill going up this month. but then again, it’s always hot in Bangkok so who am I kidding? hahaha
      have a good week ya!


    • why isn’t your comment automatically approved? sorry about that.
      yeah, his deadpan expression even made it funnier. I still can’t get over the .. “if you can’t find your seatbelt maybe you’re sitting on it” coz that usually happens to me lolz!!!


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