the ideal Asian face

I came across this in a blog (but I couldn’t find it anymore, boo) that featured an artist’s depiction of how an ideal Asian face looks like:

The ideal face, according to this painting, should be perfectly heart-shaped, with double eyelids, small but high pointed nose, cute rosy lips and pure translucent white skin.

On the other hand, according to this post, the perfect Asian face should be “small and shaped like an inverted triangle, with sharp, big eyes and full lips.” And apparently, Shiseido is marketing the Maquillage line as the perfect tool to achieve that perfect Asian face look.

Anyone knows a plastic surgeon? Preferably those experienced with Korean celebrities, or the surgeon of Jolin Tsai. But NOT Elva Hsiao’s, I don’t want to look scary.

Just kiddin’, still on April Fools mode.

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