in Wan Wan’s eyes, I look like this…

I had the chance to interview famous Taiwanese blogger/book author Wan Wan (Hu Jia-wei) today on her new book that chronicles her travels to six European countries.

We talked about the book, her previous books, her next project and her experience filming You Are The Apple of My Eye. She was fun and cool. And when I asked her to sign my interview book–autographs of  famous people I have interviewed–she even drew me.

A friend said: “You look like a  boy!”

Me: “It’s the hair! It will grow back.”

But it’s summer and it’s atsui so I’m even thinking of having it trimmed again coz it has grown since my last haircut.

Anyway… maybe I should do a collaboration with Wan Wan. A girl can dream, right?

Read Wan Wan’s blog on wretch, like her on Facebook and follow her on Sina Weibo.

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