Tokyo Tower in Arashi colors

Updated: A time lapse on the lighting of Tokyo Tower on March 16 in Arashi colors.

Here some some  gorgeous photos by professionals of the “Arashification” of Tokyo Tower. (Credit as tagged)

I just came from Tokyo, and a day after I left, Tokyo Tower lights up in Arashi colors. FML.

photo by News Zero on FB

I was in Tokyo to cover the first anniversary of the Great Tohoku earthquake and almost every night, I was in the Roppongi area. I was also at the foot of Tokyo Tower on March 11 itself to watch it light up as “Kizuna Nippon”, which was done by a designer I interviewed a few days later. So how ironic it is that I will miss the Hana Arashi campaign.

This is the first time that the iconic Tokyo Tower was lighted up in five colors, from top to bottom: purple, yellow, green, red and blue (Matsujun, Nino, Aiba, Sho and Riida). And it only confirms Arashi’s position as the No. 1 group in Japan.

photo by yamakaze0672

As a fangirl, I’m so proud of the boys.

More details here (with video of press conference) and here.

More photo tweets here.

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