the dating habits of stars

There were loud whispers on Twitterverse over the weekend: Van Ness Wu and Arissa Cheo have broken up. The two have unfollowed each other on Twitter and late last month, Arissa was retweeting emotional love quotes. Around that time, just before he had a presscon (making his entrance via a speedboat no less) for his new drama, Van Ness was also kind of emotional in a few tweets though he was more subtle.

This is very similar to what happened in 2010 when their break-up became obvious after they unfollowed each other on Twitter. They’ve been on and off a few times I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back together. And perhaps it will be known also on Twitter when they start following and sending each other mushy messages again. Coz this is how you publicly date now, you tweet it.

Well at least Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson seem to still be getting it on despite the bad press they had to go through, but most specifically Vivian. He’s been reported to have traveled with a lady friend–was it to an Indonesian or Thai island with pictures to match–and being spotted in clubs and nightmarkets surrounded by girls. Well, if you’re a pretty boy, you’d be a chick magnet but of course. Apparently, the couple is still together and have taken a trip to London although expect the papz to still say something about it, like them going dutch on their dates.

Speaking of Jolin, Jay Chou is said to be in “my kingdom” with 18-year-old (sorry couldn’t resist) Hannah. The Taiwan press, however, cannot make up its mind whether the two are on a date or Jay is here to scout for locations for Secret 2. But they were seen last week at the Taoyuan international airport at around the same time. Jay was with his mother, Hannah was alone, and his friends aka watershed were there too. It’s tempting to try to get a front shot of them while they’re in my vicinity but I’m no papz and I’m in no mood too to be played with by Jie-lun. He can have his date and nanny her too.

And finally, the Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung saga is on for a second season as far as Hong Kong papz are concerned. After the divorce (thanks largely to the part that the tabloid press played by being an agent in their public dirt-washing), the papz it seems want them to get back together. Ceci has been reported to have moved to a building across Nic’s place with their sons and that Nic has spent a night there. Really, Hong Kong papz, anything for a story is it.

Over in South Korea, the original yupkigirl/sassy girl Jeon Ji-hyun is getting married to a banker. When was that I came across an item of her supposedly dating Rain and his fans went up in arms it was actually amusing to watch. It’s proven now that she was dating someone else and is marrying the guy this June. Well, if you can’s succeed in Hollywood, go get married.

I’ve always asked this question to celebrities I interview on why they wouldn’t go public with their personal lives. At least they don’t give me bullshit answers like “the public supports me through my movies/dramas/music” and all of them have been quite candid to say that they will lose fans if they go public. The Asian entertainment scene is not quite Hollywood where it’s always a free season on who’s dating/sleeping with who. Perhaps it has something to do with culture and attitudes. Here, we all buy the fantasy that these stars sell to us and hope that if they’re not going to marry us someday, at least they would stay single for the rest of their lives. Two words: Andy Lau. I somehow feel sorry for them but let’s not be fooled to believe that when they say they are single, they really are. They’re normal people, their hearts beat just like yours and mine. It would be such a pity if they don’t love even in secret. And I don’t really care about that… except when it comes to my OTP.

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2 thoughts on “the dating habits of stars

  1. Nice piece of work! I actually belong to the group that’s happy when someone u like (used to adore but now turned into admirations) gets hitched. It’s like I will feel really happy that he/she is getting onto the blissful marriage life. Hopefully, they will not turn out like those Hollywood couples who split after a short period of time.

    As for the papz, I admire their talent of spinning stories with such small actions from the celebs. Sometimes, they can come up with a story by just seeing some photos! I just have to give it to them. It’s well, their bread and butter to survive. ;p


    • my secret ambition–now no longer secret lols– is to be a papz. but only to follow my OTP lols
      well yeah, they gotta earn and in their desire to do so, they step over boundaries. I mean, following celebrities while they’re out for a meal or shopping is okay, it’s public. but when they start taking photos while those people are inside their homes, that’s scary and a violation of people’s privacy.

      re. marriage, it’s very overrated now not only in the entertainment world but even in ordinary life. I guess people’s values have really changed over the years and when they get into a little bump in their marriage, they’d drop it like a hot potato. where did the “in sickness and in wealth, for poorer or richer” vow go?


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