Artist paints Yao Ming & Jay Chou w/ basketball & coffee cup stains

Has anyone seen Hong Yi’s works? Hong Yi or Red Hong is a talented Malaysian artist who first gained attention when she painted a portrait of Yao Ming using basketball.

The video went viral and merited Red public interest. This is the video of her painting Yao Ming with the basketball and red paint.

She also did Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s portrait using sunflower seeds. Ai Weiwei himself used sunflower seeds for his artworks.

And recently, Red painted Jay Chou using… coffee cup stains.

This is the video while she was painting Jay Chou (using his song 不能说的秘密/Secret as soundtrack, like how cool is that!):

I like how she’s so creative and uses different media to create her artworks. She said on her YouTube page that she has so many ideas running in her head and the materials she wants to use include bread, ice cubes (I wonder how she’s gonna do this) and even fried eggs.

Check her out on YouTube and Facebook.

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