Gui Lun-mei goes lah-lah-lah-lah!

Gui Lun-mei is one of the Taiwanese actresses I like not in the fangirl way but in the proper movie critic way. I first watched her in Blue Gate Crossing with Chen Bo-lin during that phase in my life that I was just discovering contemporary Taiwanese cinema, and I never regretted it. I also became an admirer of Peggy Chiao, who in person is quite a formidable, scary woman. Peggy produced Blue Gate Crossing and other gems like Beijing Bicycle, Love of May and Buddha Mountain.

But I digress… though the point is, people like Peggy are those that Gui Lun-mei associate with so you can see she didn’t take the idol route though she has that “cute” quality. And I’m glad she didn’t because you get to see her in memorable films like Tsui Hark’s Flying Swords of Dragon Inn. I like her dress below btw.

Her choice of projects is quite non-contemporary. Taipei Exchanges, for example, is that type of film that would bore you to death if you’re not into quiet films but GLM made it watchable.

I remember one article on her from The China Post where she said that movies exhaust her because she gets lost in the character so that after working on the project, she prefers to be alone, seek solitude that sometimes she’d go hide in the closet just to block out the sound of the outside world. I say characters like her are not so common anymore in the entertainment business that is so obsessed with momentary fame and shallow portrayals.

Despite her non-idol route in acting though, GLM does have her fair share of CMs where she gets to showcase her lighter side. Like this one for an iPhone and Android app:

She can do cute too.

Better than some “idols” I should say.

Here’s the making of the CM:

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10 thoughts on “Gui Lun-mei goes lah-lah-lah-lah!

  1. I just saw this CM recently she can be really adorable if she wanted to. She’s one of the 3 taiwanese actresses I actually like the two others being Ariel and Ivy. She’s graceful and intriguing. I like the fact that she doesn’t thrive on scandals she’s definitely in showbiz for all the right reasons.


    • oh you like Ivy! are you watching Skip Beat with beautiful world Siwon? lols

      hmmm your comment made me think on the Taiwanese actresses I really like… aside from GLM, I like Janel Tsai, started liking her in her feisty role in The Fierce Wife. I also like Sylvia Chang and Rene Liu.

      I watch “idol” actresses for their entertainment value and not much else lols


      • LOL I do but I’m 2 episodes behind not even Ivy can rescue that crap. And the comments always warrant an epic eyeroll.

        I’m glad Ariel’s moving on from idol series ’cause she ain’t getting any younger and she needs to challenge herself like play a druggie or lesbo in a movie or something.


      • I agree w/ Skip Beat. and I thought Ring Ring Bell was the worst in recent memory hahaha

        I am currently looking for a drama that can entertain me, not annoy me. any recommendations?

        well Ariel did say she’s considering playing a single mom in a future project XD


  2. Ring ring bell was that bad? LOL I was gonna watch it for my peter ho fix but I’m not keen on janine chang so thanks for the heads up. I’ve been having my hospital drama fix as of late so I recommend ob-gyn doctors/the hospital/surgeon bong dalhee.


    • OK, I’d say Skip Beat is better in the plot point department. at least it got something going with the revenge arc. but Ring Ring Bell was just… pointless. I watched it too for Peter Ho. I was ready to like Janine Chang but her character just annoyed me to the edge of hell I swear. it’s either her character was written so poorly or she made a mess out of it. ah! you got me started on this lols!

      are those dramas you mentioned Asian dramas? they all sound Greek to me!


      • Hahahaha it’s ok girl let it all out. I say she’s just not a great actress she’s not likeable or engaging and tends to get overshadowed by her other female co-stars. Ob gyn doctors/ bong dalhee is korean while the hospital is taiwanese which has jerry yan in it and well janine chang LOL. Poor girl must have her palm itching right now but mehh I’ll say it anyway.


      • hey I’ve been wanting to watch The Hospital but couldn’t find any link w/ English subs. where you watching it????

        I agree with your comment on Janine Chang, she gets overshadowed easily by her co-stars including male ones. and her acting is lame and boring. there, I said it! lols


  3. hi 5! lol I’m glad somebody shares the same sentiment. You can find all 39 eps of the hospital on youtube with subs so you’re free from seeing stupid comments from vikii.


    • high five too on the stupid comments on Viki. my gawd, I wish we could see the names of the ones writing those so there will be a shame factor in it. it’s so annoying!

      thanks for the tip on The Hospital. will watch it starting tonight!


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