movie: Jang Dong-gun… from president to gentleman

Call me old-school when it comes to Korean pop culture. I may not know the current Kpop stars but if one mentions Won Bin and Jang Dong-gun, well, now we’re talking.

And I am so excited to read that JDG has agreed to do the SBS drama, A Gentleman’s Dignity. This is touted as his return to the small screen since All About Eve 12 years ago. He’s been visible in movies with his latest screen outing, My Way, invited to the Berlinale. But my most recent memory of him was as president in Good Morning, President.

JDG is one of those men who, like wine, gets better as he ages. Just like Japan’s Kimura Takuya and Hong Kong’s Andy Lau. Who would think that JDG will turn 40 this March?

Incidentally, A Gentleman’s Dignity revolves around the lives of good-looking single men in their 40s… like, well, JDG himself (except he’s no longer available).

According to news reports, Kim Ha-neul is being wooed to be the female lead. Too bad Lee Na-young had to turn down the project due to scheduling conflicts but KHN should be all right too.

And the drama is written by Kim Eun-sook, who wrote Lovers in Paris, On Air, City Hall and Secret Garden so that’s something to look forward to. But the drama is set to air in May yet. What will I do from next week when Office Girls ends until May then?!

Meanwhile, the teaser for My Way, about a Korean soldier drafted by the Japanese army to fight in the Battle of Normandy:

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