♫ I’m gonna make you love me ♫, says Jang Geun-suk

(This post is dedicated to two friends who shall not be named to avoid retribution LOL)

The Prince of Asia wannabe, according to himself that is, believes he can make his anti-fans love him. Ommo Jang Geun-suk, does that include me?

I don’t really consider myself his anti-fan. In fact, I liked him in You Are Beautiful but I was bothered by something–the fact that he can barely close or open his left eye. It bothered me so much I had to turn away from the screen everytime there was a close-up. I’m not implying anything though I have heard of the plastic surgery rumors. And he has denied them of course. Maybe it was just a stye his style.

I didn’t jump on the JGS bandwagon after YAB, my hands are already full with Arashi, Jay Chou and my OTP to add to my fan load. But I would see JGS on my timeline in Sina Weibo and read news about him in some websites. He never provided me any entertainment though… until this article.

Wahsay, the Prince of Asia wannabe want to make everyone, including non-fans, his subjects?

And his quotes are, in Charlie Sheen lingo, winning. Winning that I bet he earned more haters.

“I believe in my anti-fans. I believe someday they’ll fall for me.”

“As a fan of myself, I’m rooting for myself.”

“Height, body, face, there is nothing I don’t have.”

“I am the current trend.”

I would like to think those statements were tongue-in-cheek. But I still couldn’t help but roll my eyes. This dude certainly caught more than a fair share of confidence that it’s bordering on cocky already.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident, celebrities who live very public lives need that most especially. It only becomes wrong when it loses touch with reality and becomes a mirror of one’s self-absorption.

As to the anti-fans, they are part of life especially when you’re a star. You can’t please everybody no matter how hard you try to blink your eye. Live with it and just get on with the program.

And please, Prince of Asia? Was the rest of Asia–outside Korea and his niche fandom in China and Japan–consulted about this?

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4 thoughts on “♫ I’m gonna make you love me ♫, says Jang Geun-suk

  1. He needs to get his head checked that’s for sure. He used to be so pleasant to look at during his Baby and me days, now he’s just a walking verbal diarrhea.


  2. It was cute nothing spectacular but Mason Moon (the baby) was soooooo adorable in it, for that reason it’s worth the watch LOL.


  3. I always thought it’s a good thing to be confident, but I find it too much when they start spouting things like this.


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