SNSD: don’t try this on the plane folks

Warning: sarcasm ahead, proceed with caution.

Don’t you just hate it when the passenger behind you on the plane keeps kicking your seat? So just imagine if it’s a member of the Korean group Girls’ Generation doing it.


Would you let her get away with it, ask for an autograph or both?

I don’t care if it’s a pop star but I’d still give that passenger the stinky eye. And it’s business class baby, you’d think people should behave and have more, well, class.

And I’ve had it with fans blaming the paparazzi for every little infraction of their beloved stars that’s exposed to the public. Oh please, the papz won’t be after your precious idols if they just behave well. Nevermind the open mouth while sleeping or gobbling food like a starved anorexic idol, they do look more human as fans have been saying. But putting up the foot as if it’s their own house is a big no-no for me. And what privacy? This is an airplane, unless it’s a private jet, no one gets to claim it as their private space.

And I don’t care if they’re pop stars or whatnot. We all have to observe public decorum. Being stars doesn’t exempt them from that. And more so because they are supposed to be role models.

Unless this is people’s idea of what being a role model should be?

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